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    WTB D-25

    I would PM Geo then. That’s a great price for his.
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    WTB D-25

    Are you looking for a D25 arched or flat back all hog?
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    Collings owners?

    Every time I go back to EJ16s, after a couple weeks I want to return to EJ17s. It’s quite a conundrum. But first world problems and all that, I can’t complain. I understand why Bill said what he did.
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    Bought a Mark III !!

    Yes, congratulations! Looks fantastic.
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    I guess I just don't like Rosewood

    Rosewood was my favorite tonewood as a young buck. I think itches due to a friends Martin D-35. And D-45. But like Brick says above, I want and need more clarity as I got older. Wait, we still talking about guitars, right? 😀
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    Cosidering getting a F1512 ( 12 string )

    wow, as i pulled that right from the guild website lol
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    Guild action

    I am going out on a limb and saying your customer is being unreasonable. Based on your description, concern and passion above, I would totally have you work on my Guilds. If that encourages you any...
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    Cosidering getting a F1512 ( 12 string )

    that plant in china has been there a long time, all the way back to the GAD series and i am sure before with other guitar mfgs. the quality for the most part of the MIC Guilds is solid, the GADs i think get a better review than say the Westerly Series. spec sheet from Guild website...
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    More on Ren Ferguson

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    Gibson Expansion

    And I hope it means they are bringing the WM-45 back into production!
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    Song Title Thread Part Two

    Space Oddity--David Bowie
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    New Old Guitar Day

    TMG, the F30R I recently bought from Bonneville really helped my right shoulder pain. When it gets bad, I just play that, so I can keep playing, save the dreads for days when I am not in pain. Not sure if you got an F30 lying around house...
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    New Old Guitar Day

    sorry to hear about the lame technical service TMG... i had to chuckle at the irony of this right here: " I had used a John Pearse Arm Rest on it and after a few years, I decided to remove the rest because it was causing my arm and shoulder to hurt." i am NOT chuckling at the shoulder or arm...
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    Gibson Expansion

    that is great news!