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    X160 savoy sounds thin.

    Hard to say from that diagonal angle, doesn't look extreme either way. I vaguely get the impression your neck pickup might be adjusted a little high up in that ring - is it louder than the bridge pickup?
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    Guild flat top article, fact or fiction?

    I do remember a lot of Corona seconds on Ebay that had finish problems ranging from premature checking to dramatic "broken mirror" crazing. Wasn't pretty.
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    X160 savoy sounds thin.

    Pots or caps seems unlikely. What string gauge do you have on the guitar? What do you plug it into? I'd say take it to a good tech for a good setup, shouldn't be all too hard to find in Germany.
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    Recommend a Guild pickup to put in a tele neck

    Same guitar, on the neck pickup, attempt at Chet Atkins' (impossible!) arrangement of "Oh by Jingo"
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    Recommend a Guild pickup to put in a tele neck

    I have a partscaster tele that has a 1990's Fender-made DeArmond 2000 in the neck position. I've criticised those pickups before on here for not being like the real deal 1950's/1960's DeArmond 2000's, but on a tele that's actually a plus. An old DeArmond is almost too big (deep) for a tele...
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    1959 F30 Sunburst - New Binding

    Wow, great job, nice guitar!
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    NGD! 1968 Starfire V Black

    Very nice!
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    Single Coil Hum on a Tele-like Guitar question

    Shielding does work, and it's not a crazy amount of work on a tele.
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    NGD: T-100D

    The out-of-phase is very easy to fix should you want to
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    Roller Bridge for Starfire III

    I don't recommend roller bridges on that kind of guitar. With that bridge setup and a Bigsby without a retainer bar, the rollers usually don't even roll, and make for an overly complicated bridge that's prone to rattles and buzzes. It doesn't help to keep the guitar in tune at all. If you...
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    Nitro Finishes?

    Most modern instrument finishes are technically "plastic". Nitro too, it's just a more oldfashioned kind of plastic.
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    T-100D on fire!

    Good thing it's pretty - the bridge doesn't go any lower, and that's without the thumbwheels!
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    Marty Stuart

    Marty Stewart is a cool dude, a great musician, and he has an amazing band!
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    Quick question: X-350 Stratford body

    The current Newark Street version is exactly the same body, yes.
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    Nitro Finishes?

    Stripping a poly finished guitar is an awful lot of work and definitely not fun. You won't find a lot of people willing to take on the work.