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    Will I did it again .

    Very brief summary... walrus
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    OMG listen to this Guitar !

    When he's touring, Paul McCartney does... walrus
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    The O.W. Appleton Guitar

    Sheesh, pretty snotty even in those days! Boy, if this guitar isn't authentic enough for them, what is? walrus
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    Amazing possibilities

    You and Jerry! walrus
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    Man I love cold beer.

    Nice new avatar, WW! (y) walrus
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    Amazing possibilities

    Sorry to hear that! No disrespect meant in my post. Django used only three fingers! walrus
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    You know who could really use a signature Guild model?

    Huh. I was thinking of Woody. It would come with each individual string being from a different set. :cool: walrus
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    Amazing possibilities

    That sounds boring as heck! All you would be is a DJ... walrus
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    Amazing possibilities

    Thanks, dread, before I posted a rant about abusing this monkey to play a friggin' video game. If there is a medical value, I would feel better about it.
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    Upcoming gig

    I agree - our college had 12 new cases last week on campus, which is a lot given that not many students are actually on campus. It's not the vaccine but stupidity - some went to FL, etc. for Spring Break.. walrus'
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    Upcoming gig

    Sounds great! But 300 people would make me nervous - be careful, dread! It's a personal thing, of course. I'm skipping the currently planned in person Commencement at my college. 500 -600 people from who knows where. I'm not going to be ready for that in a month. walrus
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    Merry (Gimme Shelter) Clayton (Not Dead)

    I'm happy Colt changed the lyrics for the kids! walrus
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    Merry (Gimme Shelter) Clayton (Not Dead)

    I am a huge Keith Richards fan! walrus
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    RIP Prince Philip

    Not a job I'd want... walrus
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    Merry (Gimme Shelter) Clayton (Not Dead)

    BTW, Lisa Fischer is pretty good, too! walrus