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    General Music Humor

    Beatles humor!
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    A Thread for Premium Dead (whatcha Grateful for?)

    I'm not a GD fan but I know every note of the first Old And In The Way record, for many years the greatest selling Blue Grass record of all time. Jerry Garcia's banjo playing is heavenly.
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    '68 D25

    '78 maybe.
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    Best Guild Investment?

    My view on buying nicer music gear has been primarily to buy used and try not to overpay. Then I have something I'll enjoy and maybe I'll be able to get my money back out of it. I tend to keep things for years and end up making a little. The things I buy new; guitar pedals, mics, mic stands and...
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    Anyone into pianos?

    It's worth a shot if you can avoid eBay or Reverb fees.
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    Aimee Mann with Guild

    I’d posted this one years ago but it’s the Tiny Desk episode featuring Aimee Mann with Ted Leo and a sweet old Guild Starfire getting lots of camera time.
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    Let’s see those vintage amps

    And there is of course the iconic Roland Jazz Chorus! I'd bet they still sell very well for Roland.
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    Your favorite picture(s) of an artist playing a Guild?

    Long time fan of The Innocence Mission and I love Karin's voice. She has also been seen playing a Guild Mark I.
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    Your favorite picture(s) of an artist playing a Guild?

    Thanks Hans! I guess he's a really big guy.
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    Your favorite picture(s) of an artist playing a Guild?

    Here's a nice shot of the Cactus Blossoms playing here in Mpls with a cool old 50s Guild. But is it an F40 or an F30 with upgraded neck!?! The binding and fret markers say F40 but the body looks smaller like an F30. Maybe he's just a really big guy. If you haven't seen or heard them these two...
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    WTB GAD GN-5

    Hello Doc! I’m going to repost what I’ve said before about Guild’s crossover nylon guitars. I had the GAD 4N with mahogany body and loved it, then upgraded to the GAD 5N with padauk body and I love it equally. I think this series is the best cross-over nylon guitar out there for the money. Sorry...
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    Let’s see those vintage amps

    I saw it the other day on Facebook and noticing the amp I thought of this thread on LTG. Sorry but I don't recall who posted it or what it was about.
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    F-20 Pickguard Poll

    By Jupiter it is! I didn’t make a note of where it came from but looking back in the archives you posted it on Sep 8, 2016. The redish one I'd grabbed from someone's eBay posting. Both cool and rare I think.
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    F-20 Pickguard Poll

    I've kept these images of early F20s because I thought their unique pick guards were especially cool. I thought you might appreciate them as examples that other materials besides the standard tortoise were used and look good.
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    F-20 Pickguard Poll

    Yes, whatever the material, that original period shape is cool and unique.