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    Coming Soon

    I have yet to meet a F 50 I didn't like. I sold the one but still have three. Will likely let one more go. Not decided yet.
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    Coming Soon

    Info only. I've sold a number of them and have noted that above. May be a few more coming. We'll see
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    Things that say Guild

    Grot, you can't play this game. You are certifiably insane when it comes to Guild "stuff".
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    I guess I just don't like Rosewood

    I love 'em all. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever met a quality guitar I didn't like. That being said, RW used to be by far my most favorite tonewood. I still like a good RW and like the dark, moody growl they provide you. However, they do tend to get a bit muddy at times on the bass side of...
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    D-20 Oxnard...Opinions?

    No, the D 20 stays. It's the only all Hog guitar I own (I think-I need to think about that a bit but I think that's true)
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    D-20 Oxnard...Opinions?

    I'm certainly no expert and likely very much in the minority but I love the tone and playability of my Oxnard D 20. I really do.
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    Holy Freaking Square Neck!

    I loved everything about this. Superb in my humble opinion. Loved his voice along with his playing.
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    Luthier training?

    Personally, I just find the folks that do the best work and they get my business. I don't pay too much attention to certificates and such, it just isn't that important to me personally.
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    New Guild GF60R

    That's a handsome guitar Shelby. Congrats!!! Well done!!!!
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    Guild Banjo Strings

    At first I thought it was a metal sign but I think it's actually a pack of strings. If so, I'd never seen Guild Banjo strings before...
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    NGD '94 Guild JV-72

    Well, I did nothing but play it but Glenn and Andrew were good stewards of the instrument. Glad it stayed in the family.
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    NGD--Don't make promises you can't keep...

    Great deal and quite the looker as well.
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    1996 DC5E NT True American?

    All true. We typically have very little as far as good quality instruments that show up on my local CL. Most of it is junk. It's a pretty depressed area so folks don't often have the luxury of owning really good gear. We also have no quality music stores anywhere in the area. Heck, my...
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    Cool Norah Jones Tune

    Yup, got em both GAD. I'm likely close to being a stalker..
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    Cool Norah Jones Tune

    This is one of my favorites of al the great tunes she's recorded. Hope I pasted it right.