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    Sold Guild X-700 Benedetto

    The X-700 has sold.
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    1955 F 30

    Nice! Revive her with Mr. Fixit! I don't think I've ever seen a Guild acoustic made in 1955....1957 yes, but not 1955. That's really cool.
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    Sold Guild X-700 Benedetto

    Updated Reverb ad: Will ship to Alaska/Hawaii and internationally, based on freight/insurance cost.
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    Sold Guild X-700 Benedetto

    I listed the X-700 Benedetto on Reverb. Here's the URL:
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    So they say

    You'll be okay, Mike. You will persist and come out of this pain and mental anguish. Listen to your favorite music. :)
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    So Something Bad Became Something Good

    I think using a pliers make sense. Just don't wiggle the end pin with the pliers in a back and forth, side to side, rotate slowly and pull out. If it resists, then I would recommend the penetrating oil -- just a very small amount. Let it sit for a few minutes (in extreme cases). That's my two...
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    Playing Guitar in the Morning

    I used to drink but have given it up and life is much better without it.
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    UPDATE: Son is getting married this Friday

    May the happy couple enjoy a wonderful life!
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    FS Maple GF30 - Wonderful Player

    I had one of those, and boy was it a cannon! I admire your Guild collection too.
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    This Was A Good Watch

    Watches, especially ladies' watches have very often been about bling and not time. Though men's watches can be equally blingy.
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    Sold Guild X-700 Benedetto

    FYI, I will be shipping the guitar to for consignment by the end of this week.
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    Guild Jumbo 12 string

    If you want a chesterfield headstock then you will have to settle for a JF-30-12. They are generally available on Just search for "Guild JF-30-12." Good luck hunting! I just checked Reverb. No JF-30-12s at the moment. But be patient they will appear.
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    This Was A Good Watch

    We usually hit the sack at 10pm. ;)