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    Possibly the dumbest guitar question ever, but I'll take my chances

    I've got a 1999 orange flamed x-170 that is beautiful and sounds great. Always get people staring at it and love the sound. Word of caution, take your time finding the amp for it. It can make all the difference. Been playing for a very long time and I've heard a great amp make a cheap guitar...
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    What's are some good soundhole pickups?

    Bill Lawrence. I used one for years.
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    How do you play live? Microphone, DI or Amp?

    I'm another K&K guy. I really like the Fishman Artist amp for guitar and vocals. I really think it's the best out there for one guy and a guitar.
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    Sunburst finish vs natural.

    Money isn't everything to me when it comes to my guitars. That's why I buy only USA made and love my Guilds. I want to love the looks as well as the sound. I have always liked the Burst and others if they catch my eye. I like having a hard time deciding which guitar to play today.
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    Review of F-512 RW

    Got my Tacoma F512 and never looked for anything else!
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    Opinion of Tacoma Built Guilds

    Got a 2007 Tacoma F512. I and my fellow pickers really love the sound. Get lots of compliments from the audience.
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    Best new guild acoustics

    RBSinTo Didn't say foreign guitars aren't made well or sound good. I have had a few. But I look at the big picture and stick with USA made. If and when I go to sell I find my decision was the right one. Everyone gets to decide for themselves. redta
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    Best new guild acoustics

    I never buy anything but USA guitars. I have the F50R, F512, and X170. Love them all. So does my audience. They also hold their value.
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    F512 set-up

    Good point about the fingerboard radius and which capo used. I have a couple. The 12 string kyser and thalia with changeable inserts. Do you or anyone have another capo that they like for 12 string?
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    F512 set-up

    I would not say I have a serios problem with the capo. E & A strings are usually about one half step up after the capo. The use of the capo really increases the vocal range for the groups and my songs. Really appreciate the input guys.
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    F512 set-up

    I've had mine now for about 12 years. It's a beauty - 2007 Tacoma F512R. Bought it from Guitar center used. Played great from the very first day. I'm wondering if it's time for a prof. set-up and if I should expect it to play even better. But who should I trust with the job and what kind of...
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    That didn't take long. Very nice. Congratulation
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    Westerly vs. Tacoma D55

    Looks like that D55 Burst is back up for sale on CL in Echo Park,Ca. I saw that one also and was wondering why you did not buy it. It's just too far for me (Florida). I have seen guys get burnt from CL when you can't play the guitar first from a private owner. Like to hear your opinion if you...
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    f512 tuning?

    I've been have a problem with my f512 staying in tune when I put a capo on it. Seems to be mostly the A or B strings. You know 12 strings can be finicky at times but thought new strings might help. I also need to get a proper size capo as I am using a 6 string one for now.
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    Guild JF30-12 Advice needed

    Just got a 512 myself and thinking of a K&K myself. They are unintrusive except for the larger strap pin hole. Keeps the look of the guitar clean. I would never cut the guitar for an active pre amp. If you really think you want it, look for one with it already installed from guild. JMO Good luck