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    Time for some guitarist jokes...

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    Will I did it again .

    Must be something in the air, as I did it again, too, but on the electric side. While patiently? waiting for a S-70 to fall from the sky into my lap, I ran into this 81 Peavey T-27 limited. 2 year run, and the “limited” is the rosewood fret board. Apparently the first CNC made guitar. The tone...
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    General Music Humor

    One for all you allergic folk like me file:///var/mobile/Library/SMS/Attachments/6b/11/F2846B54-1062-4951-B75F-725602360CD8/IMG_6564.heic
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    General Music Humor

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    General Music Humor

    We have a local shop that runs massive amounts of products on CL and a couple people get very offended
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    WTB S-70 or S-60D or.......

    I’ve been watching that. A little worried: A: What is going in at the bridge? B: Pawn shop C: I asked if it was all original, and they said they “ think so”. might make an offer down the line, think the listing said it’s been over a year since posted. Thanks for looking out for me! Paul
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    Song Title Thread Part Two

    Dancing in the Streets-Grateful Dead
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    Peter Green has passed

    What a talent, and the crazy LP with the reversed polarity pickups mounted wrong. Crazy unique sound. It’s a shame what happened to him Paul
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    General Music Humor

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    Song Title Thread Part Two

    Lonesome loser -Little River Band
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    Phil X has grown up

    Great interview! Thanks for sharing,Walrus Paul
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    Rare '57 Guild M50 on craigslist

    BTW, 578 posts in less than a year. Should I be seeing a counselor or something? Maybe get a life? Or another guitar? Please help me!!! Paul
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    Rare '57 Guild M50 on craigslist

    I made it 22 hours, but got got! Just another reason to love this site! Paul
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    Real life funnies

    Thanks for the flashback, Cynthia! Totally forgot about Readers Digest! That was always the first thing I would read! Paul
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    Another new member old guy

    Welcome! And I’m with Ruedi, would love to see that Bluesbird😃 Paul