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    Pickups like the old Guild HB-1?

    In my experience this is typical of the U1000/Super 70s and Ibanez & Greco guitars. I think they were going for maximum tonal differentiation between the neck & bridge pickups, output level be danged. I have a '74 Greco LP copy where the neck Super 70 measured ~8.6K while the bridge was ~7.4K...
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    Pickups like the old Guild HB-1?

    A low-wind set of Maxon Dry pickups (aka Super 58s when used in Ibanez guitars) will put you in the right ballpark too. Same goes for the slightly later FujiGen Gakki Dry 82s found in Greco guitars from '82–86 (or so). FujiGen bought Maxon's pickup division in the spring of '82 but kept making...
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    1965 Thunderbird 6 on a side tuners

    Yow! That is cool! -Dave-
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    ST303 and 5K AntiHums

    🤣 I totally adore the (real) 5Ks in my Bluesbird. Perfect combo of midrange warmth and treble super-clarity. The NS 5K is IMO a real nice pickup too, but not the same thing. -Dave-
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    S100 bridge question

    Yeah, the two S-100s complement each other. The '71 is bright & ringy while the '73 is mellower but with the option to get skronky or quacky via the phase switch (and volume knob settings). -Dave-
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    S100 bridge question

    That's funky…but if increasing the break angle over the bridge saddles was the goal, it oughta work. I have a '71 in dark cherry finish. No phase switch. Killer low-wind HB-1s. Only one tailpiece, though. ☺️ -Dave-
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    Mystery Guitar

    That was my thought too. I have a set of U-1000s (aka Super 70s) from 1973 that look exactly like these. Great pickups! -Dave-
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    Artist Award Benedetto With Thomastik String

    I've never tried any of the TI roundwounds. I do like the Jazz Swing flats, though. Assuming you've used both, Rich, how would you judge 'em against each other? -Dave-
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    Three Guild Archtops

    Yow, those are gorgeous! Bet they sound pretty good too. -Dave-
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    Even seen and played a guitar and just couldn't go home without it......

    Ooh, that's a looker for sure. I've always liked the darker Fender custom reds. Re. GAD's comment: for whatever reason '70s Tele Thinlines & Customs tend to have really nice necks. Bigger than the '60s slim C but not huge either. -Dave-
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    I have an old Eico Variac that I use with certain amps, a Fender Deluxe in particular. The wall voltage in my house is a pretty steady 122…I set the Variac to roll it down to ~115. -Dave-
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    Rare Guild TriOct polyphonic Octaver effect.

    Speaking of the Octave Divider, Mike Beigel of Mu-Tron fame makes a modern version called the Octavider: -Dave-
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    Starfire IV vs. Gibson ES 335

    I'm not a fan of the '57s—too mid-pushed for my taste—but a guitar that sounds dark no matter the pickups may be suffering from "pot impedance too low" syndrome. Check out the 525K (or so) pots offered as upgrades by various sellers. IMO they're well worth it. -Dave-
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    Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms sound

    That would be Jack Sonni in the video. He met Knopfler while working at Rudy Pensa's guitar shop in NYC. -Dave-
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    Blingless wonder

    I usually prefer understated when it comes to most things, guitars included, but I like this kinda thing too: (It's a Waterloo WL-K Kel Kroydon-style jobbie.) -Dave-