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    Expanding your vocabulary is not floccinaucinihilipilificatious

    Pneumono-ultra-microscopic-silico-volcano-coniosis. Did that help?
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    RIP Cabo

    So very, very sorry.
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    Weird getting weirder anti-social media

    Sooo, do these robot birds run on solar or are there little robot bird filling stations in secret strategic locations all over the country? :unsure: 😁
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    How to list my guitars on my profile

    I think you've got the hang of this!
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    How to list my guitars on my profile

    So six Guilds in six weeks? What will you be doing for week seven?
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    New Guy, New Guitar

    I cannot offer any information either, but wanted to say Welcome! "... found a Guild guitar in the back seat of my truck ..." (y) I like your sense of humor.
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    Sad day

    So very very sorry. She'll be happy to see you when you get to Heaven.
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    1979 F212XL Rescue Complete

    Fascinating process, fabulous results! How long did you have your shop? Did you learn from a mentor or a school? Per your avatar your Guild count is 2. Do you suppose there are more Guilds in your future! By the way, congratulations on the F212XL. It's beautiful, and very shiny. ;)...
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    Help needed! Guild G-1000 stereo amplifier paperwork explaining usage

    Less than an hour indeed. If I'm doing the math right, that took 8 minutes!
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    I bought something crazy- now what should I do? Fender 160 PS Content

    That is impressive. I'll be looking forward to input from the knowledgeable because I'm curious exactly how it would be used. I hope you'll be enjoying it soon!
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    NGD '77 F212XL

    That's beautiful. Congratulations!
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    Good dog

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    Come up with an original, new, name for a band

    I don't mean to find humor in your unfortunate circumstance, but it makes for a really amusing band name. I hope you'll recover quickly with no more gimp in your gait!
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    I bought a pretty old thing

    We all need another guitar!!