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    Building a tube Maestro EP-2 dual preamp

    Ditto as Thomas says - plus - depending on what pup you use - you might consider a 2,2M in place of that 470k - them piezos like high input impedances of next stage. Naturally then you would have to change the 100k pot to 500k or evev 1M to have it have any usable range. For electric guitars...
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    Finnish sense of humor

    Coming next : The great intelligence-evening in TV The most intelligent and the most stupid of Finland are debating. Which side is right?
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    Finnish sense of humor

    Hitler attacks Poland Letters to editor Do you understand, how the noise of world wars disturbes dogs?
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    Finnish sense of humor

    Cover that statue while we renovate the facade. Right Statue of Bishop Olav And here we have the statue of... WHAT?
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    '65 F20 guitar. Need a TRC and a well fitting case

    Hello Have any of you with Guild F-20 ever had a chance to compare it with Gibson LG2-3/4 ??? It is parlour-size - Les Paul shape - no cutaway naturally - fits into LP-case.
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    Question about pickup output

    Hello from Finland First - welcome to LTG Second - things to check : try your bass into other amp - try your amp with another bass. This will tell you where the problem is - bass or amp. Third - tell us more - who are you - whereare you - what you play - what gear, style etc
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    Song Title Thread Part Two

    Forever Young - Bob Dylan
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    Your favorite picture(s) of an artist playing a Guild?

    Never heard of him before - but that was really enjoyable piece - very cozy feeling - thank you 😍
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    Song Title Thread Part Two

    I Feel The Earth Move - Carole King
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    Song Title Thread Part Two

    Fisherman - Leo Kottke
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    Song Title Thread Part Two

    Where Do We Go From Here? - Charles Bradley
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    BGUF - Beautiful Guitar, Ugly Feet

    Symphony in grey - my foot - over here we have a standing joke about the colour regulations of new housing areas : "Happy Grey!" Another - after tv- and computer screens technically evolved to unfathomable amounts of pixels and colours to fulfill the most critic watchers - most popular things...
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    Song Title Thread Part Two

    Where Have All The Flowers Gone - Marlene Dietrich
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    Had to leave Facebooks, just like I had to leave Twitter. LTG is my last social resting place...

    And to think that only couple decades ago we had a book delivered free to every household. It had names, adresses, phone numbers. All set up nicely, so you could see which ones fit together. It was called telephone directory 😂
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    Song Title Thread Part Two

    The Times They're A Changing - Bob Dylan