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    Does your bass need a set up?

    To this guy, that seems t'mean something a bit different:
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    Strings Pilot

    Flats are easier on frets as well as on fingers. I'm another fan of Chromes who doesn't slap or use a pick, but have never played a Pilot so am somewhat disqualified from offering an opinion in this specific case.
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    B402 bass

    Remove the 13-year-old battery from the control cavity if the bass is just going to sit in storage. If it leaks, it will make a mess in there and possibly damage components. In all likelihood, it's dead anyway.
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    "J-type" bass with a "Guild-ish" neck?

    Guitars, basses: the whole "Flying V" concept has never appealed to me in the least, Guild neck or not. The ergonomics look hideous.
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    "J-type" bass with a "Guild-ish" neck?

    I was watching some of Scott Devine's YouTube bass videos when the narrow string spacing of this thing caught my eye. "J-type" basses generally have a 1.50" nut, but much more neck taper (width-wise) and wider string spacing at the bridge than, say, a Starfire. This neck looks much "Guildier"...
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    Starfire Bass case question

    Measured on the outside, with the lid closed, the NS (MIK) Starfire cases are 4-3/4" tall. With the lid open, the outside of case (minus lid) is 3-1/8" and the lid is about 1-5/8". Subtract the interior padding and thickness of the case top and bottom from those measurements and that's about...
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    Starfire Bass case question

    Beautiful bass you have there. Here are the Starfire bass dimensions (taken from Guild's website): Body Depth Upper Bout 1 3/4″ (44 mm) Body Depth Lower Bout 1 3/4″ (44 mm) Body Length 18 1/4″ (464 mm) Body Width Lower Bout 16 3/8″ (416 mm) Body Width Upper Bout 11 5/8″ (295 mm) Overall Guitar...
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    flat wounds

    Chromes work for me.
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    Jetstar bass video

    Yes, but as you doubtless already know, Muddy's band also played Guild T-Birds during that period, though I believe it was only him and the other guitar players, not the bass player. As a matter of fact, that PIC above is the only one I've ever seen of Muddy holding a Starfire.
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    Jetstar bass video

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    Guild Newark M-85 Bass Question

    I'd love to see them re-pop the M-85-II also, but in sunburst or trans red finish (like the limited-edition, prohibitively-expensive-at-time-of-issue/now-almost-impossible-to-find GSR model). Sadly, that's probably very unlikely to happen. Especially now, given the current, economically...