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    Case for Guild B30 Acoustic Bass

    It's one of the biggest acoustic basses out there (there are only a few larger). Original Guild cases will be extremely rare and I doubt you'll be able to find a different case or bag that are a good fit. Your best bet might be to just have a case or gig bag custom made, or maybe to have a 1/2...
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    Cable Guy Drills Through Martin HD28V

    Thank god it wasn't a GUILD!!!
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    Random guitar and amp pairings

    Starfire and AGC Bonham. The magic pairing!
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    Hey! I'm Ingo :cool: This pick is about me! Though I'm not sure what "we tru" means. On a more serious note, I like heavy picks for bass (use a pick for a few tunes but mostly fingerstyle), but I like the smooth Tortex plastic picks. They have kind of a satin feel to them and seem like a...
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    Fretless Basses

    I'm pretty sure there were fretless versions available in the early 70's... pretty sure I remember seeing at least a factory fretless JS-II, but I'm pretty sure M-85 and Starfire factory fretlesses have come across my radar too. If not factory, they were very well done. It has been a while...
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    1970s S-100 and M-75

    My guess would be the price differential was due to the extra work involved with a carved arched top and binding. I think the same was true for Gibson SG and Les Paul guitars. To be honest, in terms of playability and actual weight, I prefer S-100's and SG's. Never been a big fan of the Les Paul...
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    1970s solid body M-85-1 bass w humbucker

    Cool, I don't know that I've ever spotted one of those before. Only M85-I basses I recall were early hollow ones with the bisonic, but of course that doesn't mean there weren't a few solid bodies with the bucker
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    Ugliest pickguard

    If it didn't go all the way to the neck edge of the top, I could deal with it, but this one has just gone TOO FAR
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    Incoming: deep greens and blues are the colors I choose

    Ah the mysteries of the past
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    Incoming: deep greens and blues are the colors I choose

    Weird! I can't remember that one, but if it was posted here (possibly by me even) I'm sure I saw it! Although, there were a few lulls in my LTG-surfing when I decided to run off and disconnect from internet for months at a time. Nowadays that's less likely to happen as I've decided to come back...
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    Sold FREE: 2 Vol/Tone brad nail indicators 1970

    Recently I installed a filter preamp in my 1970 Starfire bass. Like with a lot of Alembic-modified Starfires, I made front-mounted control plate for the filters, which necessitated cutting a hole where the original volume and tone controls were. Correspondingly, the little position-indicator...
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    Incoming: deep greens and blues are the colors I choose

    Mainly, I strongly dislike lugging around pedals and the corresponding extra cables and power supplies/batteries (if not passive) -- which also introduce a whole new slew of potential points of signal path disruption, which can be such a bummer when you're in the middle of a tasty groove. The...
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    Incoming: deep greens and blues are the colors I choose

    These Guild humbuckers came in a few different versions... if this is one with the coils connected by external wires across the back of the pickup, you could turn that switch into a coil tap, so you'd have a single coil option. That said, I have also wired up passive high pass filters for basses...
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    Incoming: deep greens and blues are the colors I choose

    Wow, don't think I've ever seen a JS in emerald green! Very cool. That one would have made my heart jump too. Congrats!
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    FS 1966 Ampeg Portaflex SB12 amp head

    Thanks, JP! I think the thing nowadays is that people mostly want these portaflex amps for recording, so not needing them for volume and intending to keep them in a studio, a lot of guys go for the more compact B12 and SB12. This is basically the same reason why I got my SB12, though I'm sure...