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    JS 2 bass bridge saddle, scale length, strings?

    Glad you dig your JS-II! There's just something magical about Guilds, but ESPECIALLY those 60's and 70's short scale basses. I'm a life-time addict. The necks are perfect, the tones are second to none, and they just look so damn good. They essentially ruined most other basses for me. Regarding...
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    first ever bobblehead w/ Starfire bass?

    Yeah, first time I spotted it was in the liner notes of the "Being There" album. I don't think he used it much since the 90's, until recently
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    first ever bobblehead w/ Starfire bass?

    Almost looks like Greenie's little sibling! Although I'm pretty sure John's was refinished long before he got it
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    first ever bobblehead w/ Starfire bass?

    Obviously I'm not affiliated with Wilco, just thought it was super cool that they chose the Starfire for his bobblehead! it can also be seen in one of their recent music videos: and here are...
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    Tuners turn in reverse

    Actually I believe the "reverse" tuners are technically "traditional" in the sense that they function the same way that upright bass tuners traditionally always have
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    Alembicized Starfire

    Hi RV, welcome! Cool basses. Love the look of the white Alembic pickups on the NS! Would love to hear and/or see a demo! Several of us here also took the step to Alembicizing (or at least adding filter gizmos to) our Guilds to one degree or another... with obvious inspiration from our heroic...
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    FS/FT BackAxe adjustable case strap harness

    Brand new, adjustable shoulder strap harness for any hardshell guitar or bass case, that frees up your hands. Great for city commuters or anybody who wants to save a trip when loading in for gigs. I bought it back when my band was anticipating a run of gigs in NYC where driving our band vehicle...
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    Anybody recognize this pup?

    Well, now hold on just a minute! I think we could postulate further... does the black paint have conductive properties, in which case it may have been applied for shielding purposes? Was the choice of uncovering only the top of the pickup to make for a brighter, snappier response, while still...
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    Anybody recognize this pup?

    It does look painted! Maybe a person bought a Starfire bass because he/she was a Jack Casady fan and wanted their bass to look more like his... does seem like it's an attempt to approximate a Bisonic pickup. Seems like a lot of work now with several options of aftermarket Bisonic-style pickups...
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    Anybody recognize this pup?

    If I recall correctly the Guildbucker I played around with had a white bobbin but did have square (or possibly rectangular) polepieces for the row under the cover and the big screws for the other row. Never saw one with a black bobbin or partial chrome cover. Maybe a prototype?
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    These kids are encouraging

    Makes me wanna dust off the old finger picks again! Not even sure what tub they're in anymore! Maybe I'll just get out the old Starfire bass and play along instead 😎
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    that lovin' feeling

    No Guilds in any of these shots, but man this is pretty neat! They nailed it. *Also a little seasonal spooky vibe with the mask and the black and white video.
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    NVBD - 72? Guild JS-II

    Very nice and a cool story! The thought regularly crosses my mind that I should probably own a JS bass again. Just as quickly as that thought visits itself upon me though, I remember that I already have a bunch of basses, of which my Starfire gets about 93% of my attention and several rarely...
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    Starfire tinkering continued

    Just a quick prologue: I feel like I have a good practical grasp of these filter preamps (ACG, Alembic, etc.) from experience, but I'm no sound engineer or electrician, so I know my watered-down, layman's explanations may not be the best. These thoughts and pointers all come from what I hear...
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    Starfire tinkering continued

    Finally! Here is a somewhat vague approximation of where my settings fall. High pass filter's internal phillips head pan control is set fully to the bridge pickup, with the frequency band at about 2 out of 10. Boost set a tiny hair past 5 out of 10. Low pass filter frequency for the bridge...