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    New Compton bridge for my Starfire 111!

    Thanks for the review! Just ordered a copper tone chambered Compton for my Gretsch Electromatic. If it delivers as hoped, will grab another for my SF. Congrats on your SF!
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    Review of Guild F-2512e 12-string

    Just installed upgraded tuners on my new F-2512e. Gotoh SG381 locking, Schaller type with keystone buttons. Length was slightly short, so tightening the posts was a bit tricky and took extra time/care. They look great and 2 weeks in, strings have stretched and no slippage. Amazon link: Gotoh...
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    Review of Guild F-2512e 12-string

    Do you have specs on the Grovers? My F-2512e is en route from CME. Want to get upgraded tuners ordered for setup/string change. My Starfire is looking forward to getting a 12-string brothrr! Cheers!