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    I need help finding this super rare guild acoustic F20 maple archback

    Ah, you're still the BEST, Tom! Hope you're doing well
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    I need help finding this super rare guild acoustic F20 maple archback

    Thanks, Tom and Sandy and Steve and Jamie, for letting me know there was a current thread about my blonde F20. It is a great little guitar with a big crisp maple sound. Very comfortable to play. AND, it's pretty, too! ;):love::cool:
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    One Thing Leads to Another

    You know how one thing leads to another when searching on the internet? Well, this post is one of those. I started by searching for the lyrics to the Civil War-era ballad, embraced by both Confederate and Union troups, Lorena. (Please let’s focus on Guild and the ballad and nothing else)...
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    Joe Pug's 1976 Guild Dreadnought Hardshell Case

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <o:OfficeDocumentSettings> <o:AllowPNG/> </o:OfficeDocumentSettings> </xml><![endif]--> Price: $100 + shipping. Very good condition
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    True or Not True

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    More Guitar Room Must Haves

    OK, these are probably not a high priority item for one's guitar/music room, but they are the kewlest pillows I've seen. Price is right (oh, it's for the cover only, not the entire pillow). Well, one thing led to another, so here are a 'few' choices! :biggrin-new: Do you have others to share?
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    Guild Sighting - Parker Millsap

    Just browsing through some recent Austin City Limits and came across Parker Millsap....which led me to "Truck Stop Gospel"....and, voila, he's playing a Guild. I have NO idea what model it is....but, I'm sure many LTGers will and can fill us all in. :happy:
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    Guitar Rugs for the Music Room

    Guitar Rugs from CafePress. Perfect finishing touch for the music room. :cool-new:
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    WTB WTB: GSR Starfire VI

    Michael, to 'save' on shipping (yeah, right?!), why don't you plan a trip over to pick it up (we'd ALL love to see you). That way, you and Steve could jam together on your GSR SF VIs! :::tada::: :triumphant::cool:
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    Apple's Latest Prototype - A Guitar

    Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!
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    Out of Stock

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    Guitar Doorbell - For Real?

    From Hammacher Schlemmer! Does anyone have one? Please post pictures, if you do!!!!!
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    Hurricane Matthew

    To all the LTGers who are making preparations for Matthew, prayers and good thoughts going your way. Keep us posted, if/when you can. We sure want to know everyone is OK.
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    Handle At Your Own Risk

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    Gotta Have This

    Didn't know where to post this. But, because of the 'uniqueness' of the item, I thought here might be a good place. I just ordered this little gem via Amazon. I'm sure it won't be used as a lunchbox, but for strings, capos, etc. It comes with stickers to decorate......even has strap...