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    John Prine status update

    No words right now. I'll have to think about this one for a while. RIP John, be sure say hello to Steve. :cry:
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    WTB Wtb - f112

    A real beauty there! Congrats! :applause: Joe
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    You could put your eye out with those strings!

    One of a group of buskers photographed at the Saturday Farmers Market. A public menace! :hororr: Joe
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    Do you have a Guilded wall? Let's see it!

    This is the north wall in my cave and I love the way these old spruce tops embrace the sun (when it shines, anyway). L-R, D4-12, D35, F112-6. This follows my whining about being itchy for something to add to the mix. I have more wall space, so not to worry. :subdued: Joe
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    Badly in need of posting about MY NGD...

    ...but first, I have to find the NG that really grabs me. I'm pretty happy with the current crew, FWIW, but this group knows itchy when you feel it. A broken leg gives you time to think. This was the last one (the box it came in anyway) that I reported and I believe it was an F30 that didn't...
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    December 7, 1941

    I neither heard nor read anything about Pearl Harbor today. Interesting. :unsure: Joe
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    November 22, 1963.... you remember where you were when you heard the news? :shocked: Joe
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    Here we go, again!

    The season is upon us! How's your team looking this year? GO HAWKS! :applause: Joe
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    Here Comes the Sun

    I was looking for something special for this particular post and decided that listening to Richie Havens is always special, so.... One of our foremost Guild "pushers" for sure. :applause: Joe
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    Peter Rowan "Doc Watson Morning"

    Big fan of Peter and an even bigger fan of Doc. I stumbled onto this one last night while searching for something else. It's a really sweet tribute to Doc so have a listen. :peaceful: Joe
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    Super Bowl in two weeks

    Looks like we just might have a good game with the Pats and the Falcons. Both fairly demolished their opponents today so we'll see if they maintain their momentum (I've always disliked the 2 week break). So, pick your sides and try to remain interested....always tough to do. :unsure: Part of...
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    WTB Anyone know of used Guild acoustics 4 sale around Long Isl, 5 borough area I could...

    WELCOME TO LTG! Stick around, answers will come. Good luck in your quest, :eagerness: Joe
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    Guild sighting with Jimmy Dale Gilmore

    Looks like he's playing a maple F__ (?) here. First time I've seen him playing one. :eagerness: Joe
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    Bob Dylan today

    I've been smiling about this all day. As a lyrics man myself, I couldn't be more tickled. Here's to you, Mr. Zimmerman. :eagerness: Joe
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    Happy Birthday John Prine!

    I hear through the grapevine that today is the 70th birthday of one of my all-timers. So grab your Guild and sing a JP tune or ten and celebrate one of the best of our songwriters. I have most of his songs in my personal traveling bag. :smile-new: Joe