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    Melting pot

    It's a cliff hanger! When will you ever know what happened before 1668 ?!
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    What a bunch of hucky-pucky!

    By definition because we to qualify the phrase with "virtual" it is not reality. Just like some mental patients think there are people out there that they are having an argument with, when in fact, they are not. Their reality is messed up by some disorder. They may perceive something , but that...
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    Melting pot

    My wife's , mothers' side is from Italy. There is a cemetery in their old town with plenty of old grave stones with the family name. The DNA tests went from almost no Italian to no Italian after an update for my wife. She should be 25%. We choose to call their results into question.
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    Melting pot

    Lots of Greek immigrants entered Ellis Island with a long traditional Greek name and left the island with a much shorter name, like Papas.
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    Melting pot

    Dad's side Dutch/Scottish Mom's side "Heinz 57" as they used to say. Lots of everything. My Mom's mother wanted to see if she could join the club " Daughters of the American Revolution ". You had to find a relative that was here doing something in 1776, I guess. That got her into genealogy big...
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    Number Insanity.

    It looked pretty wild and cool. It took a minute to find the pattern and then it made sense. I suspect someone did a couple in homework and the pattern jumped out at them, and the finished the sequence. I was never great at math all the way through school. I was good enough to be able to move...
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    Since the Grim Reaper eventually comes to say Hello

    After reading this thread, I'm going to eat healthier, get a lot more exercise, and worm my way into all of your wills. I figure there are going to be a lot of guitars without a home when your time comes.
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    A keyboard with a whammy bar!

    But why? There are other ways. In fact, the keyboard to the right has the knob for that.
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    Webb Telescope

    As to the Star Trek horn O' plenty.. " It's got a maw big enough to swallow a dozen starships! " What happened to kill it and the special effects they could muster back then was a bit underwhelming for me. I forget the guest star's name that played the red shirt spaceship captain that did it in.
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    Npd strymon mobius

    The high knob count and prices have kept me away from most Strymon pedals.
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    WTB Vintage Tube Practice Amp

    The Roland Blues Cube is $599 brand new, but it's a tube emulator , not a tube amp, but all reviews say it sounds like and plays like one. Select-able watts. From 0.5, to 5.0, to 15 watts.
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    1994 Guild F65CE-RA...what does the RA stand for?

    I've never seen one like that. Cool look.
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    What pick do you pick when you pick a pick for your picking?

    Now I have something to look up.
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    Question for 12-String Gurus about 12-String Guitar Tuning

    My Ovation 12 stays in tune pretty well. But I am glad to have accurate digital tuners to make it right.
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    What pick do you pick when you pick a pick for your picking?

    I need to get comfortable with finger picks. I've used thumb picks at times, by themselves, but I haven't get the handful of picks figured out. I think I would need to trim them all down to make them feel right. Getting finger picks that feel comfortable will take some time.