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    Fender Strat "built for Guitar Center"

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    New Warning Feature?

    I actually get sucked into necrothreads when someone else resurrects it. So if the first person ignores the warning, then... it's fair game! :)
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    Holy Cow I Want This...

    Saw two of these last night... on Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.
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    Hard shell case for T-100 slim Jim S/N 43549

    I have a case for an Epiphone Dot that works well with my late 50's T100, just to add another data point.
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    Show off your Favorite Guild Swag!

    ...and it's not even a lighter!!
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    New Hartford Guild acoustics ????

    I get my guitars serviced at Keith Holland's Guitar Hospital, and the last time I was there in December to get my Guilds treated, I was shown a Oxnard D40. I almost flinched at how light it was, especially since I'm used to the weight of my DV52 and JV52, each with two pickups installed (K&K and...
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    Mystery electric guitar - need help

    Were two threads merged? Because it looks like you're referring back to the same thread you posted in.
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    Madison Cunningham - "Pin It Down"

    I hear the genetic material of Jeff Buckley and Thom Yorke mixed together, gently sprinkled on a serving of Bjork. I don't find new music much anymore, but this was a pleasant discovery. Thanks walrus!!
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    Madison Cunningham - "Pin It Down"

    What I've found is when doing a studio recording, the anxiety of getting a "clean perfect take" often drains the energy out of the music. At least I find it to be so in my case (as a very unprofessional, undisciplined, and untrained musician). The best recordings are the ones where I don't care...
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    The time before Let's Talk Guild

    Before joining LTG, I had more money and more closet space. But less Guilds. So the verdict - worth it.
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    Holoflake Goodness

    Imagine shining a bright light on that when you're loaded up on medicine.
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    Can something like this be fixed?

    Put a sticker on it
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    And so it begins...... AND ENDS!!

    That's the trippiest guitar photo I've ever seen!
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    Is It Weird To Be Sad?

    That.... is a very somber thought. Wow.