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    NGD! F50 goodness!

    Concrats! Gorgeous F-50. Ebony neck and bridge, abalone rosette, flamed maple. Dang nice. Enjoy!
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    Strange Artist Award

    From the title I thought this thread was going in a different direction.
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    new strings = new photo

    Gorgeous !
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    Man I love Jackson Browne

    He certainly has it all - songwriting, talented guitarist and pianist, and that beautiful tenor voice.
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    More on Ren Ferguson

    Yep. Lots of lush overtones. Great for that picking style. Bet they’ve already got some big money lined up to buy.
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    Bought a Mark III !!

    Yeah, congrats. That really does look super clean. Enjoy!
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    I guess I just don't like Rosewood

    Two words my friend... Ginko Biloba... or was it Hakuna Matata? I can't remember. Honey... where are my pills?
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    Guild action

    Your action height is right on the money. Perfect actually. If he wants it lower then time for a neck reset. Please don't shave the bridge! I'm sending two of mine out this Spring for neck resets because I can't get down to those numbers. z
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    General Music Humor

    Tee-shirt my wife bought for me
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    NGD S-100

    Congrats GG she is a beauty! What year? What is the neck width and weight? Those are always an issue for me with electrics.
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    Fixed it for ya.
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    10 year anniversary with LTG today and exactly 1000 posts.

    That is very cool Sal ! Here’s to the next 1000 🍾 🎶
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    I guess I just don't like Rosewood

    I’m not sure that generalization is actually true. I think preferences are all over the board. There are so many factors to consider no different than choosing a guitar based on the the size of the guitar, the shape, the construction, builder, etc. I find a small guitar benefits from the added...
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    WTB WTB Guild GF60R

    Let me know if you have one that you might consider selling, or know of one potentially for sale. Thanks!
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    I guess I just don't like Rosewood

    I like rosewood... a lot. However I tend to play small to medium size guitars and I think it really helps to fill out their sound. I like mahogany very much as well, but maple the least for the size guitar, type of music, and style of playing I do most. Yes Bill I’m still enjoying that F30R 👍