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    A 1987 Westerly-made GF-40 is my first Guild acquisition

    I’m thinking headstock overlay, rosette, maybe on an arm bevel.
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    A 1987 Westerly-made GF-40 is my first Guild acquisition

    I’m guessing they didn’t have an OM size set. I’d probably do the same thing or maybe make it as an OM Grand /0000 size with a 16” lower bout but at OM depth of 4 inches. An OM with a little extra umph but still comfortable.
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    Glenn Jones-Vade Mecum

    FYI, Glenn’s show was terrific. If you ever get the chance go see him. Besides his cool open tunings and unique melodies he is an entertaining storyteller. Fun time.
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    NGD! Westerly D25 in tobacco burst

    You know what Boneman, I take that back. I think the seller was correct. Looking at the online chart it does seem like a 1980 as the s/n shown is the last known date for that year. So 103xxx would have been after 1979.
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    NGD… F-312 coming soon!

    Big congrats RGS! If it’s the one that has been on Reverb the past week you got a really nice one. I was in touch with the seller and considered it myself as an upgrade to mine. Looking forward to your review.
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    NGD! Westerly D25 in tobacco burst

    Looks like it may be a 1979. Has the same burst as my old F112 of the same era. I love the tobacco burst… so dark and mysteriously sexy. Someone referred to her as a brunet bombshell. I’d say the same applies to yours. Whoever was painting those bursts at the time knew what they were doing...
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    NGD: 67 D-40

    Nice review and pictures a they show the guitar well. That “Wheel of Guilds” photo is very cool. Frame and hang it!
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    Im going to blow up!

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    NVGD or DNVGD - 1964 Guild Starfire IV +

    Cool story and guitars. Nice to have a friend like that where you trade back and forth.
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    Sold 1986 F44 Amber w/pickup and OHSC -$1599

    Stupid crazy deal of the day right here folks!
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    And so much better for your health
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    NGD: 67 D-40

    Oh my. A Hobo D40. That looks like a really nice one. Not something you see hanging around every day. Must see more pictures…
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    NGD DV 62

    Another great rescue by team Richard and Tom! Looks great. Refresh my memory, what is the difference between the DV52 and 62? Is it primarily the herringbone or are there other differences as well? I’m with you on how classy that herringbone looks.
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    Here is the string sale thread. Right now a 10-pack of D’addario PBs for $43 delivered from S&B. Pretty nice.