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    A levitating ship

    Superior mirage? That's just a cover up for the real reason -- aliens. :alien:
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    NGD S-100

    I haven't played an SG in probably 20 years. I think they sound fine, but my issue with the ones I've played is that the necks seemed kind of "flexy" if that makes sense. Maybe that's partially because of the double cutaway (I had the same feeling about a reissue double cut LP Special I owned)...
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    Song Title Thread Part Two

    "Minor Mood" - Barney Kessel
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    Buddy Guy and the Green SF4

    Mine has the Müller bridge, but has the SP-6 stop bar instead of the Nightbird style bar.
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    Gibson Expansion

    I guess that means a price increase. Gotta pay for that expansion somehow.
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    Year of Manufacture - Newark St. Starfire 111

    Yes, you are correct.
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    Hercules stand foam deteriorating??

    Yes, this happened on two of my Herc stands! I was lucky that they broke when I placed the guitar in the stand so I still had a firm grip on the guitar neck. I have read of instances where they suddenly broke while a guitar was in the stand which damaged the guitar. Unfortunately, it happened to...
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    Acclimation period over! NGD post is HERE. :)
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    NGD S-100

    Guild has been my archtop of choice pretty much since I had in interest in archtops. Likewise, I settled on G&L guitars as my solid body of choice a long time ago. Recently I had a “what the heck” moment and decided to try a Guild solid body when a Westerly era S-100 reissue fell into my lap...
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    You think we will ever see a Newark Street S-300?

    That S-200 is fantastic! I wonder why Guild didn't make more? They offered the M-75 with the same gold hardware and ebony board so that's easy. The upscale bound headstock with G-shield and unusual diamond inlays are the unique features. Ah what could have been...
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    10 year anniversary with LTG today and exactly 1000 posts.

    Awesome! Upward and onward!
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    Buddy Guy and the Green SF4

    And in that photo it has a master volume.
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    Buddy Guy and the Green SF4

    Very cool! It's interesting that you posted this as my '92 Starfire IV has been in this week's rotation for playing. It's my favorite SF4. :)
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    You think we will ever see a Newark Street S-300?

    GAD sees all!
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    BGUF - Beautiful Guitar, Ugly Feet

    Black Penguin, White shoe