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    Real life funnies

    Along those lines... going back more than 40 years. I was a graduate student in Pasadena, CA. My first wife has a young son, J.P., from a previous marriage. When J.P. was about four or five, just learning all his colors, we splurged and went to dinner at the "Hamburger Hamlet" in Pasadena...
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    What are your musical goals?

    I have one simple goal in music... to enjoy the time I spend with/at it, whether that be playing for myself, or others.
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    metallic sound guild d55

    Check the saddle profile, as well... too flat (not a defined exit point for the string) can cause a buzz. ...and check that one of the tag ends of string on the headstock isn't touching any of the strings between the nut and tuning machine. That can give a metallic buzz...
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    ‘67 D44

    You'll pay a pretty penny (>$3K?) for a D-50 from 65 or 66, as the B/S will (likely) be Brazilian Rosewood...
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    General Music Humor

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    Guild 8 String Baritone On It's Way!

    Looking forward to your review!
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    D-55 with 3-piece back

    I recall seeing a discussion of this one on LTG before... but can't find the thread.
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    Guild action

    I try to set up my Guilds at 7/64ths and 5/64ths... It suits my mix of strumming and finger picking. IMO, you went above and beyond...
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    Covid vaccine

    Anne has been participating in J & Js two-shot trial. She THINKS she got the real vaccine, based on side effects. Utah just opened the vaccine up to her age group yesterday... I suggested that she ask to be "unblinded" next month, so she can get vaccinated (if need) before we want to travel this...
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    Covid vaccine

    UT (or, at least Salt Lake County) seems to have gotten its act together after the initial vaccine roll out debacle... I logged in to the county health dept's website and had my first appointment scheduled within 5 min of becoming eligible. Got my first dose of Moderna in a drive thru on...
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    I guess I just don't like Rosewood

    Hey Bill... Yes, I do love your old D-70! Play it most every day, along with my other three rosewood dreads (all the DV-7Xs). But I also understand where you're coming from, as it took me a couple years to grow accustomed to and begin to appreciate the richness of the rosewood tone. I've toyed...
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    How much do you play/sing?

    With jam on hold, I am playing 6-7 hrs/week these days....
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    Location of date stamp on my D25?

    My '81 D-46 has three date stamps, all within a 5-day time frame: neck block (Dec 8 1980), top brace flanking sound hole (Dec 5 1980), and back brace (Dec 9 1980; deep in the lower bout).
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    If you could only have two....

    I'm a dread guy, so that will bias my choices... New York: No dreads made in NY, so just one, either an F-50 or F-40 (both are arched maple back and sides). Hoboken: D-40 (mahogany) and D-50 (w BRW B/S, maybe one of Tom Smothers burst D-50 specials) Westerly: DV-72 (love to have it in burst)...
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    Is this bridge lift significant?

    Just before I joined LTG (15 years ago next June), I noticed that I could slide the edge of a piece of paper under the back edge and wings of the bridge on my '72 D-35... about the same amount as in the guitar in the OP. It concerned me, so I took it down to a local tech that had been...