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    Man I love cold beer.

    I pick a beer style and then the temperature I want my beer at. For some beers ice cold is the way to go and for other beers ice cold is the way to go because the cold numbs the taste buds and you are not tasting beer any more but feeling cold. A dedicated beer fridge is wonderful although...
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    Amazing possibilities

    Kept you out of a lot of bar fights. I lopped the top off of my RH middle finger about 16. It was reattached but it is not pretty. I was amused by wearing a sling around high school with a big fat bandage so I was giving everyone the finger, all the time.
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    Starfire tinkering continued

    The question which has been raised before is to what extent are Pyramid Gold Flatwounds as sold in the 60's and 70's the same strings that are sold today.
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    Upcoming gig

    Given the way the vaccines have been rolled out a crowd of older people might actually be safer, from a Covid standpoint.
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    Starfire tinkering continued

    Or just ask mgod :-)
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    1972 Guild M85-II Controls?

    Tone and volume control for each pickup. It looks like the lettering on the knobs are intact and they are in the correct positions. The TV pair closest to the strings control the neck PU. The other pair, the bridge PU. The mini toggle is officially called the Deep/Hard switch. It only...
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    Starfire tinkering continued

    I recall that also.
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    Ebay fees

    Must be where you live :-) I can walk around town and point to infrastructure that was paid for out of sales tax revenue. Sales taxes, like room taxes at hotels, are very popular with politicians because most of the taxes are paid by people who can't actually vote for or against the...
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    TalkBass - catastrophic fire - doesn't sound good...

    I think, in a way it prepared me for LTG. It was notorious for moving platforms but it ended up on Tapatalk (which I have never seen elsewhere either) A couple of years ago I remembered or guessed credentials...
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    Policy has been in place for a while but now the software can better manage the policy.
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    TalkBass - catastrophic fire - doesn't sound good...

    @GAD Comments wrt LTG? This is lousy service from an ISP but a necessary risk if the servers are in someone's garage.
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    @GAD just introduced paid memberships. Silver was visible momentarily while the change was in process. The primary purpose is to deal with people who only come to LTG to sell instruments and then consider the FS/FT 10 post minimum rule a hardship.
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    M-75 Patriarch vs. GSR both New Hartford

    I'm quoting someone else but if he wasn't at FMIC in the 90's then it can't be right and I'll try and correct myself. I will note that there is a possibility that my source was thinking it was 2000 plus or minus and I remembered an earlier date but not the uncertainty. There are definitely...
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    Tiger Woods in rollover car accident, sustained multiple leg injuries...

    But since it is the putting game that wins.... :-)
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    Tiger Woods in rollover car accident, sustained multiple leg injuries...

    Dunno. If he's already exceeding the speed limit and something makes him decide to hit the brakes he could hit the gas and then lose control. 45 to 85 is a lot for the wrong pedal in a few seconds but 80 to 85 is not.