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    Man I love cold beer.

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    Man I love cold beer.

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    Ancient Blues for Troubled Times

    I bet that guy gets all the girls.
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    What are your musical goals?

    To play as good as this guy...maybe if I practiced once in awhile...
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    Carl Miner and North American Guitars

    Lots of demos of some nice guitars. This guy has some chops!
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    Chris Stapleton

    Love the first tune.
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    Working on this one - Little Martha

    Open D should have the same fingerings.
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    I am so tired of this picture

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    Deco Restring

    My policy requires a special rider, which like a dumba** I don't have.
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    1977 Guild F412

    Elderly in Lansing.
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    Hell on wheels! Waiting to get through all his shots so he can get out and about. He does great all day but is a crazy dog at night. Time to start adding a long after dinner walk. A typical food obsessed mouthy puppy who has to pee every 29 minutes. Hey, that sounds like me! :oops: :eek:
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    What is it about music?

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    It's planting season!

    The subforum is titled Miscellaneous. Are you saying that non-Guild discussions are not allowed anywhere on the forum? The "rebuttal" specifically responded to the point about the science regarding lower nutrients in food. I thought it was interesting. Why make a point or commentary since...
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    It's planting season!

    Be careful about what? Honest question.... We're talking about agronomy.
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    It's planting season!