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    Gibson J 185-Reverb

    That is a really nice guitar.... but for that money i think you can get nicer.
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    Metal Wall Art

    No, there is a dealer we go to down at the beach.
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    Metal Wall Art

    We decorate outside by the pool with meatal cut outs from standing seam roofing.
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    Guitar shelf

    I have a guitar just ror this reason. cant wait to start my project. Would like to hear more details on what people used to cut the tops
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    NGD! '78 D-40

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    Recommendations on what Guild to buy?

    I love the 70's Guilds.
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    Gotta love dogs

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    Gotta love dogs

    What breed is he?
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    Going back to church on Sunday

    Good to be back, we were virtual for a while but went back a while ago. A lot of empty seats, but its starting to come back..
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    "Perfectly" executed cutaway mod

    WHY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Other Interests

    Guitars, guns, motorcycles..... oh, and beer....
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    NAMM 2021: Westerly Collection "BT" models (=Baritone)

    Im Confused?? why does this new Baritone only have 6 strings and not 8 like most other Baritones??