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    Questions about Novaks and Hipshots

    You can buy shielding tape for 7-8 bucks and the sticky side is conductive, fwiw.
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    How to straighten an off center Starfire Bass bridge?

    Dang, I wish you had said something earlier. I bought some rosewood powder from StewMac to repair the bridge on one of my guitars and I could have posted a baggie of it. You could have drop filled the factory slots with it and just cut new slots in the saddles. I vote for slotting the factory...
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    Guild Model 140 guitar cabinet

    Absolutely. :-(
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    Guild Model 140 guitar cabinet

    I overpaid for the SuperStar, because the seller was going to remove the JBL, and replace it with whatever he had in storage. I told him that that was a dealbreaker, and just to tack on the price of whatever he would get for it. It's not that I'm a cynic, I've seen how nobody bothers to even...
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    Guild Model 140 guitar cabinet

    What frequently happens with Guild amps is the good parts (tubes and speakers) get robbed and replaced with "value leader" components. It's not what the badge says until Dave has it in his house.
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    Guild Model 140 guitar cabinet

    It is likely to just be an Oxford. Everything thing I have from that era is Oxford, except for the SuperStar, that one had the optional JBL.
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    As far as sharpening goes, I have learned a lot from YouTube since I moved into my house. Chisels and planes are worthless from the store. You need to true and sharpen them before you set them to wood. The method I'm using at the moment is called the"Scary System". You need one or two pieces of...
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    Guild Model 140 guitar cabinet

    Oh, they'll ship, but it hasn't been free for a long time.
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    WTB WTB - Guild M65-DP

    I believe, but not fervently, that most, if not all, were short scale. I base this on seeing only long scale one pup M-65s that were modified to have two pickups.
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    Guild Model 140 guitar cabinet

    8 ohm speaker, no problem there. Shipping might be a pill.
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    Good Deal?? 1959 x175 Manhattan

    I didn't need to see that. < drool >
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    An easy fix - right?

    Trained at Cinnibun School of Luthiery.
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    WTB Vintage Guild S 100 --- looking for knobs and tremolo bar

    Yes, those are what you want.
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    Potential Mod...

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    NGD: Hoyer 50603

    Trade show, I suspect.