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    New Old Guitar Day

    Interesting but I'd never stick anything to the front (or side or back) of my guitar!! YIKES!!!
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    Covid vaccine

    Southwest Medical Associates here in Las Vegas now has the Moderna vaccine and they are scheduling appointments. Having difficulty with their new software and website and have been locked out since it's inception, but once I get on there, I'll be able to schedule with them and I'm almost at 90...
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    Great night with old friends, chicken soup and me .....

    John there's actually 4 more out in the living room. 3 belong to Don, his Mitsuru Tamura classical he bought when he was in the Navy in Japan, his Martin Kit that he built, and his Martin 12 string. And my Washburn A/E is out there as well. The Avalon is a super nice guitar with a full, rich...
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    New Old Guitar Day

    Hey TMG do you have any photos of the finish trouble? It may be really difficult to fix but maybe not. Also, you could send photos of the trouble to Tom Jacobs (Fixit). He's clear across the country but when I banged my D65S up, I knew he was the only one I trusted, and that faith was not...
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    10 year anniversary with LTG today and exactly 1000 posts.

    Hey congrats, Sal!! I'm always glad to see your posts!! We joined up about the same time!! (y)(y)
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    A wonderful virtual reunion

    That's good stuff, dread!! I love Pancit!! We have Pilipino friends who keep promising to make it but since we left LA we haven't seen any!! But LV is filled with Pilipinos so I'm hopeful!! I think Don is almost a decade older than you (at 76) but he was in the Navy for 4 years in the very...
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    Willie talks about Guild

    Trust me, ANYONE can be on youtube..... even me. Or you.....
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    Great night with old friends, chicken soup and me .....

    .... half drunk with a good life. AND when I sing and play then I look and realize, I'm very lucky!! Look at this lineup!! Sorry, I didn't make my bed but... life is good. Breedlove, Avalon (aka, Lowden),Taylor, Guild, Guild, knee scooter (sorry about that)!! I don't know where to put the...
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    OK this is cool, but also kinda creepy

    No I wondered and dithered about ..... post and hope they think it's funny and ... sometimes you gotta put yourself out there with technology (which is what this whole post was about, right @dreadnut ??) and then people get upset or funny. But it's all done in a good attitude.... and glad some...
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    Shootout of the Vintage Budget Guitars

    I think the kid is awesome, but I doubt I'll ever pick up a guitar again!!! Jeeze..... :rolleyes:
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    BGUF - Beautiful Guitar, Ugly Feet

    From @drc post today for the trapezoid guitar case. SCNS (strange case, nice shoe).
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    Man I rule at breaking things ! Broke my knee implant.

    But be careful of the knee photo you post!! My first knee replacement photo grossed everyone out so bad, frono hid it and made it a link with a warning to keep the crowd controlled. So make sure it's PG and not graphic. Just some brotherly advice....
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    OK this is cool, but also kinda creepy

    And then as Bruce Willis, not as dramatic and funny, but it's a wonder how they do this stuff!! GG, I agree. Putting my face on AH makes it a whole different level of hysterical!!
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    OK this is cool, but also kinda creepy

    Well, here ya go!! By popular demand (all three of you!!) here's me as Audrey Hepburn. The 5 o'clock shadow is a nice touch!! LMAO!!!
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    OK this is cool, but also kinda creepy

    Okay, after my nap i'll treat you to AH. It's fairly hysterical!!