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    A sad week for Texas music

    Been a fan of both for many moons - damn sad to see them gone. Was knocked out by Shaver's Tramp on Your Street album (early 90s), and his son Eddy was a great guitarist who tragically left the planet way too young. First heard JJW in high school, decades later songs still sound great. Here's a...
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    Pic from Today's Shoot

    What a great photo! Wow, interesting guitars for sure!
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    NGD - F-212C

    Congrats man, sweet 12! - and nice sound clips too, sounding good!
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    WTB Guild GX Series

    PM sent
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    Pete, no power chords included

    Thanks Chris!
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    Pete, no power chords included

    Any idea what his tuning is on this? Beautiful playing!
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    Go, go, DeArmond

    If you want to get your Go-Go on, what looks like the exact guitar is for sale on Reverb
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    Go, go, DeArmond

    Great tune, cool vid! Sure looks like a DeArmond M70. Found a thread from 2018 with great info from Ralf:
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    FS Guild D40 2003 Custom Shop

    Thanks Stu!
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    FS Guild D40 2003 Custom Shop

    Thanks Ralf!
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    FS Guild D40 2003 Custom Shop

    Guild D40 Protoype #2, completed in the Guild Custom Shop, Nashville TN, in 2003. Finished in clear gloss lacquer by its previous owner and Guild Custom Shop Master Finisher Jon Kornau. Very good-to-excellent cosmetic condition. Some minor finish checking, strum marks on pick guard. No cracks...
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    NGD-2010 F 50R

    Spectacular burst - wow!
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    FS DeArmond T-400 Tennessee Orange

    Fantastic info - thanks Ralf!
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    First Big Guild!

    Congrats on the purchase! I have the non-cutaway version - it's a very comfortable 1 3/4" nut. Great guitar! Although had been holding out for a similar earlier model, the F150R, as I loved the vintage-Westerly-F40-esque neck block inlays. But this one came along and I happily snagged it :)...
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    FS DeArmond T-400 Tennessee Orange

    DeAH - agreed, interesting tailpiece. Looks like cool guitar. Did you catch the sweet little abalone detail on the neck block inlays?