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    NGD: D-55

    Beautiful guitar! And regarding those tuners, it seems like in the ‘70s you could easily end up with either Schallers or Grovers. My ‘73 F-30R came with Schallers, while my ‘74 F-40 came with Grovers. Someone was probably sitting there at the parts bins, flipping a coin. So congrats on that...
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    NGD F-40 Traditional

    Really like that one in it’s natural gloss finish. Also like the pickguard shape & headstock treatment. Congrats & Enjoy!
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    1986 Guild F-44

    Best of luck to you as the project moves forward - hoping you will be well rewarded!
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    NGD Epiphone Deluxe Archtop

    Fwiw, there's a 1946 Emperor at Guitar Center's Hollywood store that says it's in Excellent Condition. Only one grainy picture, but I'm sure you could get them into a dialogue & procure more photos, as they've had this one for quite some time now. Price is currently $5,409. Nice thing about...
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    1986 Guild F-44

    My motto: If it's structurally stable & you like the tone, leave it alone! There are a slew of generalizations about best practices in guitar construction, but the wood in your instrument does not know or care about those generalization. Imho, they represent positive reference points to look...
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    The early ‘90s seems to have been a very solid era at the Nashville facility. I have a 1990 Chet Atkins Tennessean that’s a pleasure to play. Hope you have a ton of fun with that one. Congrats & Enjoy!
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    How could I possibly pass up an opportunity to make Guildedagain nauseous? 2012 Gibson LP Special in his favorite color!
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    Wow, I’m having trouble computing this one in my head! So only the 3rd & 4th strings have an adjoining string? Never have seen anything like it!
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    1997 Starfire lll opinions?

    Remember that you can buy a harp tailpiece from Guild, made to fit a NS Starfire. The mounting holes may or may not line up, but at least you wouldn't have to immediately try to source a period correct example.
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    1997 Starfire lll opinions?

    Well, you can probably guess what I would say, since I have the exact same model, a '97 Starfire III, modified with a harp tailpiece. Okay, I'll just say it: You'd be crazy to sell it - Get rid of the Guildsby! And here's exactly what it will look like:
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    Truss rod adjustments

    I've adjusted the truss rod on every instrument I own - initially to get the relief dialed in where I want it. Once that initial adjustment is made, it's rare that I have to come back a second time. But I like to tinker, and down the road I'll come back to an instrument to make adjustments...
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    Sealing a rosewood fingerboard?

    I've seen cracked ebony and rosewood on both fingerboards & bridges. I always apply Fret Doctor to the bridge along with the fingerboard on acoustics.
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    lemon oil on fretboard with abalone inlays

    F-One is good, but Fret Doctor (bore oil) is better, imho. Neither one contains petroleum distillates, which is why I first went with F-One a number of years ago. But on some of my boards, F-One seemed to dry out rather quickly & the board would soon return to it's pre-treatment appearance. I...
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    NGD ! Daddy happy 😁

    Classy woods & appointments, and the thin back bracing is sweet. If it sounds as good as it looks, you’ve got a real winner!
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    What makes a good banjo?

    I’m only familiar with 5-string bluegrass banjo. Two big differences: it’s tuned to an open chord, and the drone 5th string changes everything. When I learned to play guitar, almost immediately I fingerpicked in a three-finger Scruggs style (and still do). Forward rolls, backward rolls...