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    Shootout of the Vintage Budget Guitars

    I had (emphasis on "had") a '59 Melody Maker, first year with "thick p/u," which I traded in to get my first good acoustic...a '95 Gibson J-30. That MM had a really thick neck, which I liked at the time, but was hard to intonate. I remember those SG shaped MM's back in 66/67 when I fauned over...
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    Collings owners?

    I had a Collings D2H for 3 or 4 years, which I had won at Kaufman Kamp (really!). Absolutely beautiful guitar, build fit and finish was flawless...sorry to say, but a notch or two above my NH Guild D-55... BUT...I could just not get on with the neck. Just something about it, try as I might, I...
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    Need assistance, measurement of body width

    LOL, oh yes, I have several years into, which is probably why I ran a dedicated power (mains) line for the equipment...not that it would really make that big a difference, no extraneous noise now that I can hear...certainly not "high end," but Sansui, Pioneer, Dual, ELAC, B &...
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    Need assistance, measurement of body width

    Thanks for the replies. Just have to move thermostat a couple inches, then plenty of room for one guitar...already have the hanger for it. 😫😭 But now SWMBO had suggested I move location for stereo...after a dedicated 20 amp line was run for a quad plug and wallboard is up...and "suggested"...
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    Need assistance, measurement of body width

    Correct. I was hoping someone would actually measure one they have. My Huss & Daltons are 15 5/8" wide not the 16" you think of for a dread, figured there could be other inconsistencies. Not sure I would ever buy an F50 or J-200, but would rather only drill holes once ;)
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    Need assistance, measurement of body width

    Having living room and dining room done over, we are talking stripped to the studs, new insulation, blue board and plaster. Occurs to me it would be nice to have a wall hanger so I could stick a guitar on the wall occasionally. Can someone measure their jumbo (F50 or J-200) and tell me what...
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    Strings: Billy That Is!

    This one is for @crank 😉
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    Strings: Billy That Is!

    Don't we have @Pascal somewhere killing the hell out of this tune?
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    Strings: Billy That Is!

    I have to say I am one who just doesn't "get the Dead" However, I do think that Billy Strings is probably the "next big thing" if not already "THE Thing." He is, however, the poster boy for what happens when you decide not to wear those big hoop earrings through your earlobes anymore 😒
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    Does anyone remember ...

    @walrus , I thought the same thing when BOA was brought up! What an annoying band, based on that video :rolleyes:😖
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    Got my first Covid shot

    Got my second Moderna shot last Friday. Took about 6-7 hours before I felt like I had been "sitting in a chair too long" which was probably true having read all day, but then at 67 I have sorta felt like that anyway. Next day (Saturday) felt somewhere between having taken a Flexoril the night...
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    Heard an interview with the owner in Florida on CBC's "As It Happen's" about a week ago. The show never explained how and why he got the bones, as there article did...
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    New Banjitar Day

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    NRD (New rug day)

    Ever read your children Rabbit's New Rug when they were little? Every time we get something for the floor (more sedate that the previously pictured carpets ;)) the kids go on about that story...and they are in their 30's!
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    RIP Hilton Valentine

    Not a Guild, but very cool Vox Phantom at 1:01...