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    I guess I just don't like Rosewood

    Keeping my fingers crossed!!
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    I guess I just don't like Rosewood
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    I guess I just don't like Rosewood

    I've kinda suspected this for the past year or so and last night sealed the deal for me. Outside of the Wechter and a 70's era player grade D-28 I don't own any RW guitars. Not particularly fond of the Wechter, beautiful guitar but I guess I'm stuck with it or I can donate it to my daughters...
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    Collings owners?

    Well...I typed in Collins on ebay and found this. It's a start anyway, but doesn't say if it would work for a Guild.
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    Yaaay new gear day now with pics !!!!

    No offense Ray as I know you are laid up but I'll post this in the BGUF thread. EDIT: I'm a few days late. You're officially published there
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    Holy Freaking Square Neck!

    Thanks for posting!! Great stuff, real talent. I stopped trying to play mine 30+ years ago and based on the videos I doubt daily practice would have brought me to that level!! I have an OMI Dobro Model 36. Looking at that National I wonder if the polish job on it has done anything to...
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    Totally Professional

    If they had taken the time to do it correctly and use lock washers I may have been interested
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    Totally Professional

    Don't bother! Try this instead
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    BGUF - Beautiful Guitar, Ugly Feet

    1st try...East Coast!...and we're COLD EDIT 2 fer 2
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    Guild D 55 Compared to Martin D 28

    May be a dumb question but wouldn't a D-50 v. D-28 be a better representation instead of the D-55? Oh and Jim, can't say as I totally disagree...but still: Go to your room!!!!
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    New to Guild

    Hey Sleepy Otter, sorry for the delayed response. Call Robert MacBlane in Preble, just south of Tully. He is great. I had a similar issue w/a guitar that was severely dehydrated when I bought it. Brought it to him and he re hydrated then did the fix. Well under $200. Took a few weeks but...
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    I bought a bass......

    Bummer...I liked them. Sooooo Due in today. Satin Finish....Do we still adhere to the acclimatization rule for a glossy lacquer finish??
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    WTB want Guild all-hog dread with archback.

    Here's one that just sold.....look at that top! Brown but still pretty! Didn't Wood call these his Holy Grail??
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    F20 action

    I've been here a few years and I still get amazed at the amount of knowledge and the sharing that goes on here. You may want to forward this thread to your luthier, unless his name is Hans or Fixit he may make the same assumption about that shim!
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    If you could only have two....

    GAD said: I bet if you asked most people under 40 they’d have no idea who Richie Havens is. Wasn't he Nick Drake's back up singer?