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    Anyone in the Phoenix West Valley?

    I will be playing with my new band, PebbleRock, at Augie’s in Goodyear. Tuesday December 10th — two shows, at 4:30 and 6:30. 60s and 70s classic R&R — Del Shannon, The Buckinghams, Credence, get the idea. If you are in the West Valley, come on out! Join your friends for some great...
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    Brand New Custom Lutehole Feedback Buster Oval Shape

    Brand New Custom Lutehole Feedback Buster Oval $50 So, I invested in this gorgeous maple Lutehole feedback buster to fit my Guild F65-CE...and I can’t use it because my finger picks hit it when I play. It measures exactly 4 5/16” wide by 3 3/16” tall, which is as close as I can measure. It fit...
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    Got my new Lutehole feedback suppressor but...

    My husband is worried about the neoprene foam gasket on my new Lutehole that comes into contact with the nitro finish on my F65-CE. Can anyone weigh in on this?
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    Soundhole cover for F65-CE?

    Greetings everyone!!! Since the last time I posted, I have retired and my husband and I have moved to the Phoenix suburbs. Even though I’m on the more or less deserted (hah, no pun intended) west side, I have found a band to play with, and I am in need of a soundhole cover for my F65-CE. Without...
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    NGD! F65-CE in blue, direct from Vietnam to New Jersey

    Thanks to Marc Ellis, I am now the very happy owner of this gorgeous blue F65-CE! As many of you undoubtedly know, Marc lives in Vietnam and I don't, so the scariest part of this transaction was the shipping from there to here. I had awful visions of the guitar sitting on a snowy (or boiling)...
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    For those of you who own an F65-CE...

    Would someone who owns an F65-CE please post the measurements of the guitar please? Width of lower bout; width of upper bout; length, height of the body, and do you know about how much it weighs in a hardshell case? All of that would be enormously helpful to me. Thanks!! Barbara
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    WTB WTB Guild Peregrine

    And you're not the only one hunting! ... :twisted:
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    WTB Anyone live near Boulder, CO?

    I see what looks like a nice looking blonde F65-CE in Boulder and am wondering if anyone from the LTG community lives nearby who could take a look at it for me? :-) Thanks Barbara
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    What do you guys think this guitar is? (currently on eBay)

    Sometimes I troll eBay looking for a custom Peregrine, and today I saw this ad for a Guild "1512" (I'm sure the seller means 512): ... 416c1f62e6 Look at the headstock though - not a G-shield... and I'm not sure about that abalone rosette. ??? Barbara
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    Here She Is: 1969-70 Custom Shop Guild F512 Hoboken For Sale

    Guild 1969-70 F512 with Florentine Inlays, Hoboken Made, Custom Shop For Sale After owning this baby for nearly 30 years, it's time to send her to a new home. I bought this guitar from a large pawn shop in New York City in 1985 after my 1972 F312 was stolen out of my car. My then-husband...
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    Greetings from an old friend, and a significant sale to come

    Hey guys, I trust all of you have been well since the last time I checked in with everybody. The time has come for me to sell my lovely 1969-70 Hoboken F512 custom - the one with the Florentine inlays and Brazilian back (and maybe sides too - the vote's not in on that one). Please stay tuned...
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    FS: Yamaha CPX500FM w/accessories, PRICE REDUCTION

    Hey all, I purchased this Yamaha CPX500FM new about a month ago as a gigging guitar. The idea was to have an instrument that sounded good plugged in and to save wear and tear on my Lowden. It sounds great plugged in, looks very nice with it’s flamed maple top and old violin sunburst finish...
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    Lead Guitarist Needed - see link

    Hey guys, I know this isn't exactly the right forum, but our band needs a lead guitarist and I posted an entry about it on the "From the Stage" forum. I also wanted a little more visibility, so I'm mentioning it here. (Hope that's okay.) Here's the link: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=24349 Thanks...
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    Lead Guitar Player Needed Northern New Jersey Band

    Our CSN/Eagles/Beatles cover band needs a lead guitarist who is fluent playing those signature riffs in tunes like "Bus Stop," "Peaceful Easy Feeling," "Probably Feel A Whole Lot Better," etc. We're based in Northern New Jersey and rehearse in Jefferson Township and Bergen County. Currently...
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    For Hans, et. al.: Found another F512 w/snowflake inlays

    To Hans et. al., Rick Neeley, of Rickety Music, found my blog about my F-512 and wrote to say that he has one as well. He sent me the following information about it: "My F512 is numbered 68866. The number is hand printed on the label. There is no indication of where the guitar was built. It...