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    Good case for an old Guild archback?

    Give the padding time to conform. It's compressing, not the guitar. It'll take a set, eventually. (See my post, #4) My 24-year old D25's just fine.
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    Frets in Guild

    I'd be surprised if they're stainless but in past Oxnard has actually been pretty good about answering such questions quickly. There's an email contact button at the bottom of their home page:
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    D-40c NT 1975, or DV-6 NT Or Both?

    "YES", and the D-6/DV-6 was that offering when the D40 was on hiatus for several years from about '93-'99.\ Note the description of what actually went into the DV-6 from a '98 catalog: I don't know if the D40 had scalloped bracing just before it was discontinued, but I suspect it got it as...
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    Noodle challenge one night only ?

    For Todd Rundgren maybe. Plus if it's a "noodle" it ain't song. Yet. But as Guildedagain mentioned, sure, lots of good noodling themes and "accidents" are excellent seeds for fully realized songs. From an earlier branch of the musical evolutionary tree, though, it occurs to me that classical...
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    Fender era Bluesbirds - How Many? Play along!

    I was always sure the real problem was with the actual printing process exaggerating just how dark the edges of the bursts (the Tobacco in particular) actually are. Has to do with "dot count" in the "screen" used to create the different plates for each color. Lower dot count means less...
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    Got our stimulus payment

    "You HAVE no privacy, Get over it." -Scott McNealy (Founder of Sun Microsystems) "Privacy is Dead" -Larry Ellison (Founder of Oracle) Whom, by the way, is just the man I'd be least likely to trust with mine: Would you buy a used computer from this man? Me neither.
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    Topics Forum to Forum

    Apologies for picking nits, but was that a typo for "D35" since that's the Guild model you restored a while back? I'd actually be inclined to agree with you about the D35 these days since my own D40 has blossomed so much over the past couple of years, and I finally get why so many favor the...
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    Old D-40 Bridge pin hole slots - off center

    In case Jfilm's still watching, I want to point out that Br1ck knew what he was getting into when he bought the guitar and elected to go for a full-blown restoration including a genuine NCL re-finish, something not easily (or cheaply) accomplished here in CA, and even got a replacement original...
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    Topics Forum to Forum

    100% agreement. The Indian is always more important than the arrow (or the bow). After that it's a matter of what kind of bows and arrows the Indian likes best based on his own unique individual preferences. A while back I realized we don't even all hear the same, so why should we expect any one...
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    Topics Forum to Forum

    Highly doubt it for reasons listed above (insufficient string tension). But again, best place to really start is to ask Hans: It wouldn't surprise me if there is no actual record (or at least in the records he has on hand) of this taking place as a...
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    Topics Forum to Forum

    Highly doubt it if for no other reason than that it would put a lot of extra cost in guitars that don't really need it, let alone the potential impact on tone. (A top braced to withstand 12-string tension probably wouldn't get sufficient energy from 6 strings to resonate properly) I think your...
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    Fender era Bluesbirds - How Many? Play along!

    Oh yeah the limitations of 4-color process coupled with digital color shift on that page is really bad, actually. Especially the Cherry which is the one on the left. Almost all the catalogs from the '97 electric to the 2001 (pictured here) on GAD'S site are just as bad, and it's not his fault.
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    Topics Forum to Forum

    Oh yeah, I can imagine. Probably even used heavy-duty truss rods. 🙃
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    Got our stimulus payment

    Same CNN article, or possibly another one, but somebody else just mentioned the same thing (that you say) so perhaps I misinterpreted. In fact I just looked at the IRS site and they do in fact state it is not considered taxable income in the answer to Question 20...
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    Left handed models in New Hartford?

    According to their 2012 price list, left handed models were not "produced" but were "available on order", ie, special order only. See note at upper right of each page: Note also cases, hats, and T-shirts were not...