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    Type of Glue used on New Hartford D40 BG Jubilee

    Mario what a great question! I've wondered about that myself. I know Guild at least used Titebond for setting necks at some point in New Hartford, but don't remember if it was supposed to be model specific or general rule. I'm 99% certain it was referred to by our mod Chazmo in one of the...
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    'specially the lace-up style:
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    Lost & found Beatles picture material ?

    You guys obviously have a better class of dumpsters over there.
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    Worst boss

    Reminds of the story of the ditch digger who asked his foreman one day "How come all you do is stand around and tell us what to do, but you get paid 3 times as much as us, when we're doin' all the hard work? Why do you get to be boss?" Foreman says "Look, I'm the boss 'cause I got the smarts."...
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    Whaoo, I Finally Got My Baritone!

    You'll play it lying down?
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    Hot mess mods

    I wonder if Jerry ever figured out he got a different guitar back?
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    Hot mess mods

    1972: Jerry Garcia finally brings your daughter home from the date and wants his guitar back. What would you do?
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    Difference between F412 and F512?

    Because George Gruhn could do what he wanted after buying the company (along with a couple other guys) from Avnet. :p
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    Hot mess mods

    Speaking of cool but creepy and the Dead: 1962: This guys shows up at the door for a date with your daughter. What would you do?
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    Hot mess mods

    What no whammy bar?
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    Anyone else hate packing peanuts?

    And here I only thought they was good for for breakfas' cereal. Just needs a li'l extra sugar is all.
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    Difference between F412 and F512?

    Yeah I'm ok with that look. :)
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    Difference between F412 and F512?

    As Frono mentioned, after CMG acquired 'em, Guild produced a chart which explained their new model naming system, still up on their website, link here because it's a PDF: Note that "F412" would...
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    Hot mess mods

    Solid body guitars like SG's and certain Les Pauls can be pretty heavy. Jeff Beck once said he gave up Les Pauls for Stratocasters because Stratocasters are lighter, even though they're also solid bodies. Another reason is that certain build eras of some guitars like Les Pauls and Bluesbirds...
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    If I Was A Golden Oldies Station

    Who also wrote one of my favorite Monkees tunes: :D