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    JF65-12 vs F-512 maple

    HI Kenneth, welcome aboard! I'm a little late to the party, but wanted to point out that the true purpose of the dual truss rods was to compensate for the large difference in string tension between the bass and treble sides of the neck, which in turn affect fretboard alignment and thus...
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    So what exactly is the difference between the D-40 and D-35?

    Right, was detailed above already. ;)
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    Man I rule at breaking things ! Broke my knee implant.

    Maybe try cutting down on dietary sodium to reduce fluid retention in the meantime? You'd be amazed how much excess sodium there is in most of the stuff we eat. I never worried about it myself until an ear doctor prescribed low-sodium diet to reduce fluid pressure in my ear, was giving me...
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    A = 432Hz = C = 256 Hz = more healing frequencies that vibrate in harmony with the earth and time?

    Yes, my own first thought was that it's a common measure of child development: "how well does he/she play with other kids?". :D Apparently I was kinda eccentric as a kid: I wanted a Ken doll when I was around 5 or 6 years old, kindergarten/first grade. Figured if the girls could have...
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    Guild Nightbird

    HI, Welcome aboard Ilmung! I'm not well-versed in electrics, but seem to recall a pic of Buddy Guy playing a NIghtbird if it's any help. Whoops, not a Nightbird but a Nightingale, same body family but with f-holes, pics in this thread...
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    Philosophies Of Raking

    Waitaminnit, we're still talkin' yard maintenance, right? :eek:
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    Guild D-62NT /George Gruhn

    I try to play guitar like that, but sometimes the magic works, sometimes it doesn't.
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    It Makes You Wonder

    Oh wow, I noted that unusual color and it took a couple of minutes to sink in that it's so unusual especially on an F20, that we might have seen it before. How many can there be? So ya made me look!! :) The one we saw before had what appeared to be some fracturing of at least the finish if...
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    What kind of company?

    Al Dronge was a jazz player himself and the first Guilds were archtops for that market. The first flat top F50 came a wee bit later. Mark was responsible for bringing in the flattop dreadnoughts as well as several innovations in the booming electric marketing the early '60's and even into the...
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    Lifetime Warranty

    I like to hope I may be in that extremely small number of cases for which they might deem it warranted: My '01 F65ce is suffering a tiny bit of bridge lift for about 15 years since I first noticed it. Around '09 IIRC, took it to the local long-time Guild Authorized Dealer/Warranty repair...
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    Guild D-62NT /George Gruhn

    Got a suspicion you knew this and just had a brain fart, but that only applies to the arched backs. Flat backs are always solid, which is what Gardman and Richard were getting at.. Welcome aboard, Michael! Since you can't play it, do you know what to ask the seller regarding the neck angle...
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    Man I rule at breaking things ! Broke my knee implant.

    Och, y'jist need a bit o' the wee knee therapy:
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    NGD—1998 F30R

    Abso-freakin'-lutely magnificent. Rekindled my recent lack of inspiration, too! Dang gotta hone my my chops now, you've raised the bar, bro! :D
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    Your favorite picture(s) of an artist playing a Guild?

    Richie and Eric Clapton backstage, Cafe Au GoGo, October 4 1967: I know I've posted that one before, but maybe not in this thread. :) Richie's "signature" dual 'guards on an F50. Always wondered if he was the one who turned Eric on to F50s? Timing's right. Coulda been that very night, maybe...