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    big Guild, little Guild

    Can it make a good martini?
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    Today is National Talk Like A Pirate day!

    Aarrgghh , it are be milk!
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    New Starfire Day

    "Plays like butter".
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    Smallish Guild for a Lefty?

    I can relate. I am definitely right handed. But for some reason, for example, I will drill holes with my right hand, then tap with my left. My left hand seems to be more sensitive and less likely to break a tap. I've been called ambidextrous on that account, but I'm really not. It's just...
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    Seriously exquisite craftsmanship on Bozo guitar......

    Like this? BOŽO Doesn't your keyboard have a caron? Heh, heh. :giggle:
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    Bob Dylan birthday guitar - handmade 12-string

    Sitrep, that's a great 1st post! Welcome!
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    Who's That Guy In The Mirror

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    Harry Nilsson, always liked this song...

    I've only heard his songs sung by others; he was definitely a gifted writer. I wish I could have heard him perform. I just eBay'd his "FRED NEIL: Bleecker & Macdougal" CD. I think I will like. Thanks for the nudge, everyone!
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    So are the Guild 12’s really all that?

    That sounded really good, Ray.
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    Greatest Generation Day

    My father did the Italian campaign, received a Bronze Star and Purple Heart among other decorations. I too wish I had asked more questions
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    Sunburst . . .

    Ooh, seriously pretty. Nicely done, I envy you.
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    Happy Birthday GAD!

    Best wishes to both!
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    WTB 3 pan head slot HB1 height adjustment screws #4-40 x 1 1/8"

    By the vernier measurements and the ruler, to me these appear to be 1/4-20 thread (or a near metric size?)
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    GAD: UFO Pilot

    Very cool! You do have the best toys! 😃
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    Ghost Chickens in the Sky

    Here Sorry, No Guild content.