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Thread: S-250

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    Quote Originally Posted by DThomasC View Post
    And, on page 8 of that catalog there is what looks like an S250 in a black-brown sunburst (a color not listed as an option) that also looks to have a mahogany top.
    Yes the TRC does indeed say S-250 and for that matter there's that Metallic Blue/Catalina Blue also not listed as a standard color (and recently discussed here) in the center of that trio!
    Classic example of the pics contradicting the text.

    Quote Originally Posted by DThomasC View Post
    I have an '83 S-25 with a solid hog body, no binding anywhere, but it just seemed like all of the guitars in that family with body binding also had a maple top. There's always something new.
    Every week I become more and more convinced:
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    That guitar has a couple of features not featured in the catalogs. Grover vs. Guild tuners, Guild knobs on a S-250 vs. speed knobs, SD-pickups instead of XR-7 (replaced?), hog vs. maple top. Interesting!
    The S/N should a 1984 made one, not 1983.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AcornHouse View Post
    Maybe in body appearance, certainly not tone-wise. XR-7 buckers.
    The El Dorado's pickups are weird, at least for Rickenbacker. Single coil but using a passive noise reduction circuit. So they're quiet but also kinda dark and IMO lacking character. That and the heavy body guaranteed a short stay in my guitar stable. :)

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