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Thread: Neck separating from my D25m and I am freaking ouy

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    Neck separating from my D25m and I am freaking ouy

    High Guild community. I am new to the forum and I could use some advice.

    Tonight I precariously leaned my 1974 Guild D25m against a chair, then accidentally knocked it over. When I picked it up the action was incredibly and with further inspection I found that the neck had begun separating from the body. I fear it needs a neck reset, but with still paying off my recent wedding and trying to head to grad school this upcoming fall I am in no position to shell out $500-700.

    I donít see a way to upload a photo. The neck is separating from the bottom and is still attached under the fret board.

    My question is, has anyone ever attempted a neck reset? Iíve only done minor work on my guitar, but I have worked with wood. However an instrument is another thing entirely.

    This guitar really means the world to me. I love the way it sounds, the way it feels in my hands - itís perfect (or it was).

    Any suggestions or comments would be amazing.

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    How to post pics.

    Welcome to the forum. Wish it were under better circumstances, but It sounds like you might have broken the dovetail, or knocked it loose somehow. I would take it to somebody and see what they say. Where are you located, roughly?
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    Welcome! Sad state of affairs. Accidents happen. Sorry you have to deal with this. I've helped a friend build two guitars and one (not yet finished) had to have the neck taken off and now it's to be reset. A huge move and "downsize" happened during this time so now, it's pending. But if it were one of mine, I'd have a pro do it. If you were happy with the action and the neck angle before the accident, it might be able to be just reset and glued, but I'd have someone look at it. I know times are hard, but just slack the strings for now and get a pro opinion, would be my advice. Guild's are notoriously "difficult" for neck resets because of the dovetailed neck joint and glues. But since it's already somewhat broken, it might be easier. Just getting the fretboard extension off the body and reevaluate the action and angle should tell you more. Sorry it happened. It's worth fixing. You don't say where you are, but people have very good recommendations if you're nearby or willing to ship. I shipped mine to Tom Jacob's Custom Guitars in Florida when the worst happened. What a seamless transaction on a truly tricky repair.

    Tell us what you want, and we'll help you as best we can.

    Again, welcome. More knowledgeable people will be along soon.... don't worry. OH and your fist posts are monitored to make sure you're not a robot and so they have to be "moderated" and may take a while to show up...... it's normal. PITA but normal.
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    Welcome, and best of luck with your guitar, it is worth fixing when you can afford it. On a brighter note, at least the headstock didn't snap off or something worse.
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    I feel your pain. That's tough especially for a younger guy trying to put his way through school. (Good on you by the way. It will be well worth it in the end). It's usually not possible to financially justify a neck reset on a D 25. However, if you have a real positive connection to the guitar and you can swing it, go for it. I remember several times I've invested way more into a guitar than I knew I'd ever get out of it. But, some guitars are just special and repair cost be damned. I don't have the skills to attempt a neck reset myself but I'm sure others on this forum do and have and they will likely chime in with suggestions.

    Good luck
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    if you can get it looked at by a Luthier they might come to find that the neck just came loose and just be re-glued as opposed to a complete neck reset.

    My FS-46 came in a Goya Rangemaster case. The neck was not supported well and the neck joint came loose. My Luthier injected a little glue in the neck joint clamped it up and it was as good as new. I then built up the bottom of the case with towels so the neck was supported properly.

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    You took the tension off the strings right away I take it?

    I think the neck separating may not be as a bad a thing as you think, there may be a silver lining, unless something cracked and broke (neck block?) rather than separating?

    A) There's enough videos out there that if you are handy with wood, and meticulous, yes, you CAN do this.

    B) Yes, if could be just a simple clean and reglue at this point, but, if I had a guitar that might have needed a neck reset, and it came loose like that, it would save you the trouble of having to separate the neck joint?

    Maybe this one was underglued?

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    Since you've never done a neck reset, I don't recommend learning on a guitar that means so much to you. (All the experts say its best to learn repair techniques on cheapie guitars.)

    A neck reset is one of the trickiest repairs to do and if you botch it you'll end up having to take it to a luthier anyway. And you might make matters worse.

    I agree with the other posters here who say to have it looked at by a good repair person. It won't cost much -- if anything -- to have it evaluated, and at least then you'll know where you stand.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guildedagain View Post
    Maybe this one was underglued?
    If so then it had to be the inevitable one-off that Guild is known for.

    (If anything they're notorious for being over-glued and difficult to separate.)
    But along those lines, it's not always just a separate/cleanup/reglue:
    One's gotta be able to calculate good angle and whether the dovetail needs to be re-shaped to accopmplish it; sometimes the heel's a bit thin and will deform during the separation; sometimes a replacement bridge will be required to match the height of the fresh neck angle; and sometimes a dovetail re-shape could result in a slightly shorter 12th fret-to-saddle length which necessitates re-setting the bridge in a new location in order to maintain proper scale length.
    For those reasons I LIKE simply injecting some glue and reclamping, if possible.
    Otherwise I'd rather leave all those delicate issues of angles and measurements to a real pro.

    Welcome aboard Tecumseh, and good luck, and at the risk of sounding cold and opportunistic, may I add your story to the list of examples of why I advocate storing one's guitar in one of only of 2 places, your lap or its case?
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    Maybe I overreacted last night. I punched the back of the the neck and it popped back in. I put strings on it before I went to work. Now Iím home, the action is fine; itís in tune. I think the old glue is almost gone, but mostly idk.

    Thanks to every one who replied. I will take better care of this in the future. I feel pretty dumb lol.

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