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Thread: 1965 F 312

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    1965 F 312

    I wasn't sure where to post this or even if I should post it at all but here it is anyway.

    So, in March of this year I bought a 1965, Brazilian Rosewood F-312 on Ebay. I bought it for a pretty low price but it was also a disaster and needed a lot of repair and TLC. The neck angle was horrid and needed a neck reset, the bridge was cracked, the nut, saddle, bridge pins and strings were shot and needed to be replaced, it of course needed a set up and the soundboard had several fairly wide white lines almost like someone had taped pieces of white shipping tape onto the top. I have no idea why but it didn't make the guitar look all that sexy. I held onto it for a bit and then shipped it down to Tom Jacobs and his team in Merritt Island, Florida, Tom looked it over, got back to me with an estimate and went to work.

    He did all the work mentioned above and had to sand the top down to get rid of the white lines and then respray it. That was pretty tricky because those tops aren't all that thick to begin with. But he got it done and the even thinner top really makes the guitar sing.

    I got the guitar back and man, Tom and his crew did an exceptional job. I'm not gonna tell you it was inexpensive because it wasn't. But even with the extensive repair I now have a really nice F-312 that I believe anyone would be proud to own and I'm also quite sure that if/when I sell I'll be able to at least break even (always my goal) and maybe even pocket a few bucks profit.

    The reason I wasn't sure I should post this is because I'm sure I will get the "if there's no pics, it never happened" comments. But believe me, it did happen. I just don't do pics and even if I could figure it out I'm a lousy photographer.

    Just a shout out to Tom and his team for an exceptional job done really, really well. Yes, it's true that each time you send something down there you need to factor in the cost of two way shipping. But, I've come to consider that just a cost of doing business and it no longer even factors into my decision. I strongly recommend them for any significant work you need done on your guitars.
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    You're right. I don't believe you because there are no pics. But perhaps Dave or Tom has just one they could post on your behalf? :-)
    Quote Originally Posted by mgod View Post
    What he said.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stuball48 View Post
    Frono: You are correct----again.

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    Tom is the best, if there's ever any work that's beyond the scope of what my luthier wants to do (he has a day job, so he doesn't like huge projects), Tom and Dave are my go to guys. Glad to hear another success story!

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    the F312 are the best 12s. congrats on scoring 1 and one that has braz.

    down to just the Br ('71 D25) again...

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    Congrats Richard and "I Believe."
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    it exists, i saw it with my own 2 eyes...oddly enough, when i was dropping off my own 1965 F-312 at Jacobs Custom guitars, also for extensive restoration. wow Richards is a beauty! i couldn’t believe it was the same guitar Richard bought. it looks brand new. Will have mine back in January. Richard- congratulations!

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    Awesome Richard. I saw it on eBay and it was in very rough shape. I’d love to see what magic was done and what it looks like now.
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    Good for you, Richard, for taking on this project and rescuing this guitar. There aren't too many of these F-312 guitars out there and it would be a shame not to have it in top playing condition. It's always great to hear another Tom Jacobs restoration story.

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    Thanks, Rich. We appreciate your kind words and your faith in our work. That 312 turned out to be amazing.! A real joy to play.

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    Rich, I'm going to have to drive up north and pay you a visit!
    TODAY is the TOMORROW you spent all day YESTERDAY acting like there was no.

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