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Thread: Pickup (LB-1) adjustments

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    Pickup (LB-1) adjustments

    Hello again!

    I know this is a question that is asked too much. And yes I use my ear to decide. But I'm just curious about how the Starfire v users setup their LB-1 PU's. They can be a bit muddy(maybe adjustment) and have more mids than other brands pu's is my experience..

    How do you guys setup your LB-1 pickup?
    Do you adjust the polepieces to radius or else?
    And what pickup height do you use for best results?

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    Which pickup are you talking about, bridge or neck? Muddy as compared to what?
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    Both pu's.

    I've had different brands of semi-hollow/humbucker guitars. These lb-1 pu's just seem to have a bit more mids. But not in a bad way 🙃

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    You can reduce midrange somewhat by lowering a pickup's polepieces while raising its overall height.

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    Hmmm...mine sound very clear. No Mud but my luthier set it up and I don't recall him doing any adjustments to the pups.

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    I adjusted the polepieces and height a little and the muddy sound is gone now.

    The mid-range is not a bad thing.. I like it though, and the sound is clear. But when I compare it to previous HB's I had it just got a little bit more mids.

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