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Thread: The pick considered

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    I like a Tortex pic too. The mat-finish seems to be all I need for grip. Keep a few loosely taped to your mic stand in case of a drop.
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    Like Ernie Ball .73 and .88. I drill 5 - 1/8" holes in fan shaped pattern. 3 holes across top and 2 holes below those three in the gaps - imagine bowing pin pattern of the 2nd and 3rd row of pins.
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    Another one of my favorites are the Dunlop Gels....I use the Heavy. Feels really nice on the finger and on the strings, gives clear, crisp tones, and provides great separation of the lower strings when playing up near the neck.

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    Blue Chip and V-picks and Gravity as well. BC are my fav.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JF-30 View Post
    Blue Chip and V-picks and Gravity as well. BC are my fav.
    I got a couple of Blue Chip used a few years ago, I like them, but not sure they're worth the money new. My go to pick lately is a gravity pick.
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    still this one for all leccies:
    my 2 ct, all the best,

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    Wow, I've never seen one of those.

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    Quote Originally Posted by walrus View Post
    After trying MANY, I am using a Dunlop Primetone .73. Love the sound - smooth and clear with little pick noise. And I love how Ultex sort of "sticks" to my fingers.

    Yes this one. I bought a handful of Gibson medium picks (made of "Eboneen") in the 70s and they were the ultimate for me. When I was down to the last one a couple of years ago I had to start my search all over again and finally found the Ultex, which are great for my Ovations while the Orpheums prefer the Primetones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krysh View Post
    still this one for all leccies:
    Oh, never had a chance to try one of these ...

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    I have picks of stone, glass, silver, wood, pre-ban ivory, steel, brass, and of course all the various plastics, nylons, tortex, etc. etc.

    Winner? On my acoustic guitars, it seems to me that the nylon picks ring the best - Jim Dunlop, Snarling Dogs, etc.
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