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Thread: Gibson, Guild, & Gretsch

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    7 beautiful vintage guitars and you guys want to talk about scarves?

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    Hey, it's a fashion veer! We are very fashionable guys!

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    At the beginning of his spiel about the Guilds, he says something to the effect, "at a secret location in London" so I just assumed it was chilly and once you get your scarf exactly "right" who wants to do that again? I'm making all this up as I go along...... except for the London thing. He does actually say that.
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    He did have some really nice guitars that were in great condition, ESPECIALLY for their age.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbirchett View Post
    7 beautiful vintage guitars and you guys want to talk about scarves?


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    That's quite a collection of arch top guitars. Some very cool axes! Thanks for posting, Chris. There's an interesting piece of guitar manufacturing history quoted in there. I always wondered why Gibson produced guitars in batches of 40 (the # penciled in red after the black FON stamp on the neck block or back). Apparently, that was the size of the big wooden racks on wheels used for storage that they moved from one station to the next in the factory. I've seen old B&W photos of these racks, or "boats", in historical photos of the Gibson and Martin factories.

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    This guy is a big collecter in U.K. and is on The Guitar Show on YouTube a lot. He has some amazing guitars including 59 Les Paul, Guild, Gibson, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gilded View Post
    I thought one guy had a scarf and the player was in make-up for some kind of forth-coming media 'appearance.'

    And oh, I had to look up scally cap. Guess what I got on my head today? That's it, a scally cap!
    I never make a vid without one.

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