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Thread: Roller Bridge

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    Here are some pics of the nut

    Looks fine to me. I think their width enough?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazylay View Post
    Here are some pics of the nut

    Looks fine to me. I think their width enough?
    Yep they "look" ok but as I went back to double-check what model you had, I had a vague recollection of reading at least one report that one of the little things about the NS re-issues was that nut slots were one thing that could stand a tiny bit of "clean up", as in they could use just a little smoothing with a file even though deep/wide enough.
    Could be wrong but usually have pretty good memory about little things like that.
    If the slot lube doesn't seem to work that could be a reason.
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    Yup. NS Guilds often need nut work, though itís usually minor.

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    Ok tnx. I will file them a little and put some bends big bends sauce on it and the on the bridge.

    Do you think the new roller saddles will fit properly and will help?

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    Many people don't like the roller bridges, If you want movement for a bigsby consider an aluminum Sorkin or etc. They sound good and rock back and forth just a bit. Another idea is the Gretsch guys are into the Bigbys and bridges more than probably any other group. Check Gretch Talk threads

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