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Thread: Help with possible Thunder 1 purchase?

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    Hey, I'm officially out of the Theory Biz, Nuuska. I done wrote my last dollop of Speakers versus Cabs versus Baffle Boards.
    You guys charge on without me! lol

    In closing, thanks for your help on Revox matters. I'll see you round campus, for sure!

    Quote Originally Posted by fronobulax View Post

    And I like Harry's approach.
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    I'm sure someone will find a lot more to say about this, too.

    Like you - I've nothing more to say about amps & speakers regarding this dilemma.

    As for Studer & ReVox - my mailbox will remain open for any questions you have.

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    Nuuska, I think the point was that the baffle board is more flexible when you cut more holes in it for more speakers. That combined with a baffle that is thin to begin with makes things different than what you get with a stiff baffle and cabinet. I don't know if that contributes to a spongy sound or not. I certainly believe that the "lively" baffle of tweed Bassmans and Super Reverbs contributes a lot to their sound, but I don't know if rubbery is what I would call it. Comb filtering and cancellation of frequencies by multiple speakers is another topic I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuuska View Post
    But the cabin resonating because of it's measurements & materials does influence the sound at all levels.

    Your friend may sincerely believe, that what he hears comes from front-baffle flexing - let's let him . . .
    To be fair, he said "That's not all of it.." and then introduced us that new variable we hadn't touched on.
    The example of the jump rope analogy may be exaggerated but illustrated the point very well I think, and I can easily see how the resonances of all the cabinet elements are affecting the speaker basket which in turn affects cone and possibly even voice coil action.
    (And thanks Harry!)
    Makes me suspect another thing that makes the aforementioned JBL's so "clean" is all that mass serving as a resonance damper, especially if mounted on thick backing board in a more massive cabinet..
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