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Thread: NAD - Fender Superchamp X2

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    I still suspect that it's a customer build. And whoever did it did a nice job on the recover.

    Just like for the mods people do to the Rivera-era Super Champs and Princeton Reverbs, there are lots discussions on forums about swapping out the newer XD and X2 amps to new cabinets to get the perfect grab-and-go mini 1x12" tube amp. There are even cab makers like this one who make cabs specifically for this purpose. You can also find talk on the forums about lists of the best 12" speaker upgrades for this amp, if you're not happy with the WGS. I've looked into these options for my Rivera Super Champ, which is how I ran across this common practice.

    Regardless of its origins, you now have a perfect compact tube amp that works for bedroom volumes, practice spaces, and small venues that won't break your back!
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    Thanks for the update Ralf, yes the moel # 2259 is correct for the "HD," which confirms that this is a X2 Head fitted to a cabinet that holds a 12" speaker.

    I just love this combo, and I suspect you're right about the customization, jp. Whoever did it, they did a nice job. I'm a bit surprised that they can use the Fender logo though. I guess it is a Fender head, so...
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