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Thread: A nice way to start the week

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    A nice way to start the week

    And they all sound different.

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    Beautiful, GG!
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    Oh mannnn! Them don't look ANYTHING like G & L's
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Ashton View Post
    Oh mannnn! Them don't look ANYTHING like G & L's
    LOL! I have my guitars in rotation and last week was G&L week. This week is Guild week. And spoiler alert - next week is Gretsch week.

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    It's a blonde extravaganza!!! Wow!! Nice!!
    Tom in Vegas

    Use the good china. Life itself is the special occasion.

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    Gotta say I like the look of that Starfire (?). Selector switch in the right spot, which means I can tolerate the Florentine cutaway. ;)

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    A blonde threesome! Beautiful!

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    Missed this while was away on vacation.... Very cool indeed!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Quantum Strummer View Post
    Gotta say I like the look of that Starfire (?).
    Looks like a Corona made Starfire III-90.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SFIV1967 View Post
    Looks like a Corona made Starfire III-90.
    Westerly made.

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