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Thread: Oops, I did it again ;)

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    Oops, I did it again ;)

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    He is a very talented & clever bloke, for certain . . .
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    Great version!

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    I have that on my Life And Times of RT Box Set.

    Met him once and saw him 3 times. He is a god. Clapton, sure he is too.

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    That's either a Lowden (probably) or an Avalon (in the early days, basically the same guitar) and it looks just like Don's Avalon L-32. Which is a super nice guitar. That was a fun little number!!
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    On the "Life & Music of RT" box there's a killer solo live version of Genesis Hall. RT's voice is nowhere near as lovely as Sandy Denny's was but he puts a lotta verve into this particular performance.

    His version of Oops… always makes me laugh. ;)

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