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Thread: ZOOM AC-2 - What do you think of this stomp box?

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    ZOOM AC-2 - What do you think of this stomp box?


    I have a new Guild D40 Traditional with an LR Baggs M1A magnetic soundhole pick-up (pick-up link below):

    I'm currently playing rhythm guitar in a country band. I need a pre-amp to use to boost the signal/volume for the occasional intro or acoustic lead when I play. I'm tempted by the Zoom AC-2. It's a pre-amp. It also has a tuner function which would be nice. It does some signal conditioning to make a pick-up sound more "acoustic" - I like that in theory. It has a switch for piezo vs magnetic pick-ups (mine is magnetic and active). Lastly it acts as a DI to go straight into the PA or split between stage amp and PA. linked below:

    ZOOM AC-2:

    I have no experience with these things and the Zoom unit one looks very simple and straight ahead. I was considering a Fishman Aura Spectrum DI (see below) but it looks like the Zoom AC-2 might fit the bill for me for less money and with a lot less futzing around. I realize that the processed acoustic sound is not "my acoustic" technically... but I care more that it be a "good" acoustic sound rather than 100% "authentic" to my particular guitar.


    Does anybody have direct experience with the Zoom unit? Or... any other input welcome. Thanks!

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    Zoom makes some good stuff from my experience . I've not had this unit though.
    If someone doesn't show up with hands on experience then reviews from multiple sources should get the answer you need.
    Found this in a quick search .

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    If all you need is a boost pedal to bump up your volume, you could save money and just get a boost.


    Or one with tone control as well


    Or you could get a boost with some effects. A little echo or chorus might be nice. I use my Fulltone Fulldrive with the drive set low on an acoustic.

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    The Fishman you linked to is far better than the Zoom, but then it has the price to prove it.

    I've had some Zoom stuff and it's been good but not great. It's been a few years and electronics have come a long way, but in my experience it's almost always worth it to pay for better preamps.
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    Years ago, I had a Zoom acoustic pedal ( A-1??) Some decent sounds with the guitar choice dial, but way too much in the way of effects, mic models, a viewing screen, saving presets,etc. One always needed the manual at hand to review and decipher anything, and it was not easy to work with.... or what could be termed an 'Intuitive" unit. PITA actually.

    It looks like Zoom has taken that unit and kept the basic modeling platform, but dumped all the other stuff that made ones head swim, and was not very useful for an acoustic player. Your post sent me looking for some video reviews, and this simpler platform seems like a big improvement over what they used to offer. But basically you're getting acoustic modeling rather than a way to keep the sound of your acoustic as natural as possible. If you like what it does, go for it!

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