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Thread: my latest labor of bass love

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    Quote Originally Posted by mellowgerman View Post
    Yup, that's it! Some say that the padding beneath the velvet lining of the original Gibson cases was not actually foam, but rather mud; the darkest, sludgiest, smelliest muck from the bottom of the Mariana Trench!
    I believe that was true at one point but Gibson stopped when CITES kicked in and made it hard to import the mud.
    Quote Originally Posted by mgod View Post
    What he said.
    Quote Originally Posted by Stuball48 View Post
    Frono: You are correct----again.

    '67 Starfire I Bass (Cherry)
    '71 JS II Bass (Walnut)
    '82 B-50 Acoustic Bass (Natural)
    '87 Pilot (Black)
    '13 Newark Street Starfire Bass (Cherry)
    '16 Betts Bass "Walnut Bottom"

    LMG I, II, III

    This space available.

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    You guys are givin' me the EB-Jeebies.

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