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Thread: Guild Label 1974 F50 Bld

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    Guild Label 1974 F50 Bld

    Can anyone tell me about this Guild label? It appears to be a transitional label with no manufacturer location. It comes from a 1974 F50 Bld. I thought the transitional period for manufacture location was earlier. Dating the guitar based on the serial number has it as being made in 1974. That would be Westerly, RI........correct? Why would a transitional label be used on a 1974 guitar? Didn't Guild do away with the Guarantee Label shown here earlier then 74?

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    Welcome. If you intended to include a picture it didn't work. That is because you need to upload the picture to another hosting site and link to it here.

    Guild often used parts until the stock ran out regardless of what the catalog spec was. There are definitely instruments that were made in Westerly that have Hoboken labels, for example. Hans Moust's book will shed some more light. Maybe someone will check their copy before I get a chance to do so?

    If you're just curious we're glad to help. If you are somehow concerned about authenticity then posting pictures of the guitar would help. We're pretty good about spotting things that don't look right or identifying instruments that were actually completed years after the serial number was assigned/stamped.

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    Welcome to LTG! There was a time where the place of manufacture wasn't noted on the inside label, and it was around this time. The label should look like this:

    My '73 D50 has the same one.

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