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Thread: NGD - Another F47...

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    NGD - Another F47...

    I really love my F47R, such a great sounding and playing (and looking) guitar! Love the body style, the great dread-like projection, volume and rosewood 'thump', and the body style is comfortable enough for couch playing. I've been looking for a maple-bodied guitar for a while and the D30 was high on my list, but then this beauty F47M came up on Reverb and the price was so good I had to act. It has all of the above qualities with a nice amount of maple clarity, a surprising amount of bass and a 'snap' that the rosewood doesn't have. So far I love it!!! I really love the burst and how nice the flame maple shines through. I also realized that I have 4 acoustics and they all have Adirondack-spruce tops...not that I think they are any better than Sitka, etc, but I do love the way they sound! I'm usually not one for having two very similar guitars, but these are different enough in sound that I'm loving it...and they feel almost identical.

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    Tacoma? NH? Either or is good.


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    Both New Hartfords, right?
    I'd forgotten they did Florentine cutaways there.
    Nice burst, too.
    The reddish-to-yellow fade is my favorite and I like it's not too dark at theedges..
    After seeing Ralph's comment, I realized they did use open tuners in Tacoma.
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    Nice and pretty :)

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    Wow! That is one Gorgeous New Hartford F47-MCE! The F47R looks nice too but there is something about a New Hartford Burst that just does it for me. I'll bet it sounds Amazing with the Adi top and solid Maple back and sides. Wonderful grain and flame on the maple back as well. Congrats on a nice score!

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    Sweet guitars and cool photos, congrats! Flamed burst on back is killer, wow!

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    Very nice! Especially the F47M.

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    Beautiful, congrats!
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    Yep, Both are New Hartfords...I believe the Rosewood is a 2009 and the Maple is a 2013, if I read my serial number correctly. It has to be one of the prettiest bursts I've ever seen! The maple also has the D-Tar Multi-source pickup, which really sounds great...I may need to buy an acoustic amp now!

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    That is beautiful! Congratulations!!!

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