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Thread: Used 2005 Starfire IV vs New Starfire VI

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    Quote Originally Posted by txbumper57 View Post
    There were some issues with the production of the Newark Street SFVI models where the headstock logo was severely off centered as well as some pickup issues with the bridge pickup being rather weak, There were a few instances where the necks were cut off centered so the center strip on the back of the 3 piece neck was off centered by 1/2 inch to 1 inch. These were discussed here on the forum so if you search for Newark Street SFVI you may be able to pull up the old threads. If I recall correctly a member here went through 2 or 3 new ones before returning them all due to factory defects or improper construction. The SFVI's can be had New but "Open Box" on Ebay for anywhere from $550-$700 on a regular basis so I definitely would not pay $1200 for one listed as new when you can get the same thing for much cheaper. The Newark Street SFVI I played had a really skinny neck when compared to my Corona and Late Westerly made Guild Starfires so you may want to inspect that before purchasing, especially if you already like the feel of the Corona SFIV. Also the LB1 pickups are smaller than a standard sized humbucker so if you decide to do a pickup swap to counter the weak bridge pickup you will have to re-route the guitar and make serious mods that are not reversible.

    The Corona SFIV's are awesome guitars. The Fender made HB1's are actually standard sized humbuckers so if you decide you want different pickups it will be a direct swap with any Seymour Duncan/Dimarzio/ or any other standard sized humbucker pickup with no mods needed to be made to the guitar and the process is completely reversible should you later decide to sell it. Yes they are made in the USA and that does mean a lot when it comes to retaining it's value as well as demand for that particular model. The craftsmanship is at a really high level on Late Westerly and Corona models and I have never had an issue with anything on the ones I have owned.

    Bottom line is if I were to find a Newark Street SFVI for $600 in new condition I would still rather spend the $1200 on the Corona made SFIV because of the quality of guitar I am getting even at that price. That is regardless of what I plan on using it for whether it be studio or gigging. There are many folks including myself who put the quality of the Late Westerly and Corona Made Starfires on par or even better than that of a comparable Gibson Model costing 2-3 times as much.

    Personally there is no question for me, Corona made SFIV all the way. Best of luck in your decision and hope this info helps a bit.

    My VI had none of those issues except the mini hum inbalance which does not bother me. I think the amber VI is a beautiful guitar and is one of my favs. Maybe I got Lucky?

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    Iím of the opinion that QC has improved over the last couple of years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jiagap View Post
    The serial number on that Starfire IV is CW000164. Can anyone help me understand what that means
    CW is simply the randomly given Prefix for that model during Corona times from 2002 to 2004. Due to various errors in Corona's serial number information Hans was unsure some years ago if a CW000159 was from late 2003 or early 2004. So based on this I'd say your CW000164 is most probably from 2004 already, unless Hans would correct me based on better info he might have today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark WW View Post
    My VI had none of those issues except the mini hum inbalance which does not bother me. I think the amber VI is a beautiful guitar and is one of my favs. Maybe I got Lucky?
    It is indeed a beautiful guitar and, although I have not had the pleasure of playing one, I have no doubt that it is a very, very good guitar.

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