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Thread: Used 2005 Starfire IV vs New Starfire VI

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    Used 2005 Starfire IV vs New Starfire VI

    Hi all, any thoughts on the new Starfire VI

    It looks tempting with the vibrato. I also have an opportunity for a used 2005 Starfire IV with no vibrato.

    I have a Gibson ES335 LC I want to get rid of cuz the neck is too thin. I played the 2005 Starfire and loved the feel and the neck and the tone. But wondering, at the same money, getting the new VI with Vibrato.

    Any thoughts would be welcome.


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    Corona Guild every time for me. The NS guitars are nice but the US made Guilds are a crazy good value.

    The pickups are a big difference though, so be aware of that.

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    I prefer the Mini Hums over the later model (Fender Humbies) Coronas. But that is just me. Oh and my semis gotta have a Bigsby but that can be added and if you don't like drilling (B7/B70) holes in the top there is always a Towner bar which works great!

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    Hi jiagap. I have no experience with that Starfire IV, but I did have the VI for about 18 months. To me it's one of the best looking guitars out there. I liked the workmanship, the attention to detail was admirable, all joints were perfect. It also was the first Bigsby I owned and I like that a lot. I liked the neck.

    However, I sold it. I couldn't get used to heavy weight in the lower bout which I think was due to the combination of the center block and the Bigsby together. I play mostly sitting down and the neck kept rising due to that weight and I was struggling. It felt off balance all the time and I couldn't get used to the feel of it. I'm thinking of trying a III instead.

    The sound was impressive though.

    Very much a personal preference thing, I know. Just didn't work for me.
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    I should also point out that youíll never get your money back on a NS Guild if you pay for a new one. Hell Iíve struggled to get my $500 back on NS guitars with street prices of $1200 new.

    Keep a Corona Guild in good shape after paying $1200 for it and youíll likely get that money back if you ever sell.

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    Corona, no doubt. You can add a Guildsby if you want.
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    Get the Corona, it will hold its value.
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    I'm of the opinion that every guitar ought to have some sort of vibrato on it but I too would go with the older Corona model here. The VI will be nice but the IV will be a superlative instrument that will hold its value (being the price you pay for the used model). As for the pickups, some like them and they aren't that bad. You may think they are fine.

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    This will be a little long winded.

    What will this guitar’s purpose be? To me that is the deciding factor.

    The American will be nicer. Better craftsmanship. Better “investment” as it will hold value better. Better sound, better playing. But in my opinion all of those “betters” are marginal. Not huge. They definitely exist. If you’re playing at home, or in a studio primarily then definitely go American.

    If you are looking for a giggling guitar, I’d personally choose the NS. If the worst happens, you won’t be heart broken because a prized guitar was damaged or ruined completely. I ADORE my NS Starfire V. It was my go to for about 18 months, before my strat took over for 4 months. But the starfire is back to number one. It’s an incredible guitar, and finding a used one on eBay is a great value! Some of the ones listed as B stock have blemishes so small they don’t show up in pictures. Great value!

    Don’t let the lack of vibrato be a deciding factor. Vibromate makes an adapter that is completely reversible and non invasive to add a guildsby. No problemo.

    For me? I went NS and have no regrets. I wish I’d bought B stock instead of brand new, but adore the guitar. I am of the mindset that those nuances get lost in a band setting, or on people who don’t know what they’re listening for.

    But in all honesty? They’re both excellent guitars! I’m not sure you can make a wrong choice.

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